CURRENT Challenge

NEW (lazy days of summer) contest - 2 months, 2 entries each, 2 Winners of $250 . .  double the fun !

Boundaries for June/July 2011 ARE:

EARTH . .  any street, building, person place or thing. . anywhere the GOOGLE(tm) truck went and anything it saw. Find a Street View and start painting OR paint any view that you see posted now or during the month to study and learn from each other's compositions.   

Here's a Google Street View Map in Rome to help get you started.

There's a good place to start.  Just make it full screen, look around, open the map larger at the bottom and drag the little Yellow guy anywhere you want to look (but BEWARE of LITTLE BLUE DOTS, they are PHOTOS.  DO NOT PAINT FROM PHOTOS.  ONLY GOOGLE STREET VIEWs) 

Views inside the boundaries that become available will be posted as new posts for that month.  See the ARCHIVE & APPROVED Views on the right sidebar.

New boundaries will be announced on the First Day of the Month.
Maybe a day or 2 earlier on FaceBook ;)

Submissions will be accepted from the FIRST DAY of the Month to the LAST DAY of the Month.There will then begin a 5 day VIEWING PERIOD for all submissions to be promoted to the judges, and a winner announced on the 6th day of the month, at which time the voting for the NEW period will begin.

Please visit the Rules and FAQS for more information about the contest.