Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Summer Street View Paint Off Winners

After much delay (all my fault) the Street View Paint Off winners are final and it wasn't as easy as it may appear.  The entries were taken via Email, and the public voting was simply the "liking" on Facebook. But in the end the comments from judges and other participants took shape and the winners are ready to be made public.

I am going to post ALL of the entries here (in no particular order) and then tell you the winner at the end of this post ;)
Connect I - by Janet Beckman

Yesterday's Shelter by Ginger Gehres
14 x 11 Acrylic on Canvas

Italian Countryside "  - David Sgambellone
watercolor 12 x 16 on Arches 140# paper

Aunt kates house
oils 16x20 by Alma Jo Drain

oils 16x20 by Alma Jo Drain

Subway NYC
Nancie Johnson 9x12 Acrylic on Canvas Sheet

Tokyo - feels like home
Nancie Johnson 9x12 Acrylic on Canvas Sheet

San Diego, CA- by Nop Briex
1000 x 1000 mm -Oil on Canvas

Thorne by Nop Briex
1000 x 1000 mm Oil on Canvas

Siempre Bella " - David Sgambellone
watercolor 14 x 20 on Arches 140# paper

Taoyuan County, Fusing Township
29x19 cm Watercolor by Cally

Top of the World
9x12 Watercolor on Canvas Grace Gehrke
I know, winning is one thing (a REAL GOOD THING) but the other reason for entering this contest is so your art can be seen and linked to and ultimately SOLD.  I will come back to this post and fill in the links to each of your web sites if you sent them.  If you see every one else's links but not your's, then please feel free to let me know.

And so the winner is . . . . .   
or the Winners ARE . . . . 

Nancie Johnson for Subway NYC
Nop Briex for San Deigo, CA

Congratulations to you both.  I will be contacting you for delivery of your $250 prize.  I'd like to also give a Honorable Mention Prize to DAVID SGAMBALONE (Siempre Bella) for causing a rescussion (that's revisiting the discussion, I made the word up) as it was a tough decision.  . . . and . .  . Hey . . .  I'm thinking that instead of Prizes I should simply BUY the paintings ;) you know . . . then I can Capitalize the Cost rather than try to explain why I should get to "write it off"  Not as beneficial as the write off, but I'd have a LOT to show for it. . . 

Oh my I digress . . . I meant to say, I'm going to give David some cash too ;)

Thanks for playing along this summer.  It's been an interesting one.  Fire and floods in my beloved vacation town of Greer, but the smoke cleared and I bought the Antique Shop in town.  It will close Escrow 9/7/2011 so I can't really start up a new contest right now.  But I will when the dust settles. . . . Smoke, Dust, Floods???   Like I said it's been an interesting summer.  - Kay

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Summer Entries are IN

and I'm sorry that they are not here right now, but they ARE on Facebook

please visit and leave comments, there or come back here to do so.

Soon someone will win Cash !

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yesterday's Shelter, Today's Art

Yesterday's Shelter by Ginger Gehres
14 x 11 Acrylic on Canvas


Never one short on ideas, Ginger found a Street View link close to home and used both the Street View camera view as well as the real deal.  Given that the boundaries this time are wide open, that's not a bad idea.
Remember there has to be a Street View link to it (ie: the Google truck had to see it too) but if you can SEE it from your window or by getting out there to see it . . then do it.

Thanks Ginger for your always fascinating paintings.  If people knew the extent of your talent (then and now) they would be blown away.  If and when you ever feel like telling your story to the world, I'll be there.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Early Bird

 San Diego, CA- by Nop Briex
1000 x 1000 mm -Oil on Canvas

Link to Street View
Nop Briex, from the Netherlands has been busy being our first entry, and for good measure, he's our second entry too.  Now what is he going to do all Summer?  These paintings are great, but I might suggest that he go looking for the REAL San Diego.  I was just there, and the beaches and boardwalks are very nice! I guess this view does show yet another side of the city. Love the brushwork. 

Here is Nop's second entry.  Once again, I love the brushwork employed in these paintings.

Thorne by Nop Briex
1000 x 1000 mm Oil on Canvas

Link to Street View

I didn't embed the Street Views, as they are from Google in the Netherlands.  You don't have to translate them to see the image, but I couldn't get the embed code to work on my blog.  So do take a look at the Street View links and feel free to travel on from there.  

Find something you like and start painting !!!

Thanks for visiting.  Come back to see the new paintings as they come in.  No voting will be taking place yet. That will likely be towards the end of July.  I'll let you know.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FINALLY a New Contest for Summer

Quick Facts:
Kay has been very lazy (well . . more sad than lazy, but that's the nature of my life) I must use what I have to feel better and the Street View Paint Off is one of those tools.  So at a moments notice on a late May day, I decided to just DO IT!!!

The result is a new contest . . . a little different (to accommodate my current nature) so it should be easier for ME :)

Time Frame - 60 days (or June and July)
Boundaries - EARTH (anywhere the Google Truck has been)
Number of entries allowed: 2 p/artist
Number of $250 winners: 2

Entry can be made via email to  Kay Zahn (see the tab for entry) because I'm going to try and NOT use the Wildfire Application, but I still need the information so check the tab for the details required to enter.

Thanks so much to everyone who waited around for me to feel like playing again!!!!  I really do appreciate it.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Rome's Winner wasn't found in 3 days!

Obviously!  But it did come down to three entries that took some debate before deciding.  I am finally confident to bring you the winner of the March Street View Paint off.  Given that I am already late, let me just congratulate Ginger Gehres from North Carolina for her winning entry titled Cavella Fontana, Rome. 

Cavallo Fontana, Rome by Ginger Gehres
20" x 16" Acrylic on Canvas
Ginger's interpretation of the Street View (found below) is photo realistic, yet she brightened it with her palette.  Perfectly balancing the lines in her subject and the lines in her painting, the shadows and details of the plants and glow of the fountain seem to draw you in to the street that seems to go on without end.  Congratulations to Ginger the winner of $250 (Visa or PayPal) - thanks so much for your entry.

HONORABLE MENTION goes to (2 others)
Winners of $100 EACH Visa or PayPal !!
Because it was VERY close and I kept everyone waiting for SO LONG

The Pantheon by Carmen Beecher
8"x10" Oil on Canvas
This view found by Carmen Beecher was a close tie for second, along with the one below from Chris Favre.  both were favorites for their Street View interpretations.  Carmen's for how she cropped the scene to make it more intimate, and Chris' for his incorporation of all of the elements found in his chosen view.

Forum of Cesar by Chris Favre
11" x 21" Watercolor on 300 lb Paper
Chris could have easily cropped out any one of these fascinating elements found in this Street View, but the fact that they all came together after clear individual attention was a testament to his ability to SEE the View.  His palette choice brought more warmth into the painting.  

View Larger Map

Sam McIntire is the POPULAR Vote winner, and as such he wins a $100 Visa Card (or Paypal credit)   He was the first entry this month and had the most "fan" votes for his entry Coliseo De Roma, Seen Below.
Coliseo De Roma by Sam McIntire
17.5" x 10" Mixed Media on Paper

For other entries from the March Street View Paint off in Rome, please see our FaceBook page or stay tuned to the blog.  I will post the other in the next day or so as well.  There were only 11 this month so there are 7 more you have not seen here yet. When they are posted here I'll have links to the artist sites (which is part of why it takes me so long to "just DO it") 

I'm getting some great input and idea for next month and future contests.  Thanks so much to everyone who enjoy's playing along.  I appreciate your thoughts and efforts.  Keep the good ideas coming.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Street View Spring Break - I Be Trippin'

I type this in virtual disbelief (what IS that anyway?) that it is April 3rd.  I missed the start of the month (where's the contest) and I let the chance to play an April Fool's joke (of any kind) go by.

How?  Why? you ask.

I wish I had a better answer than the standard, "I am just taking on too much and can't get it all done" sort of thing, but that's really it.  So my friends, I can't provide an exact answer, but here's the rough draft.

I mean I am a maniac most of the time, and I use every available minute to be running my  . . . ? what should I call it?  My business? Business(es)? My life? my world.  However what happens then is that it takes only a small bump in the fabric to cause a ripple that either I can JUMP over . . . .  or TRIP over.

In my best thinking moments, I'd be jumping.  Even if they grew into hurdles, I'd be jumping.  But sometimes I'm not so good.  Sometimes a wave comes in from the WRONG DIRECTION and takes me by surprise, and this time I BE trippin'.

It insidious nature of this ripple makes it clear I've been jumping over this one too long.  SO I Am reevaluating everything.  The Street View Paint Off is NOT going away.  I mean I take on (start, create or whatever) a lot of projects.This one has helped me be "able" to jump the hurdles.  The friends I've come across and the nature of the type of people who can "see" so well has been a huge part of why I got . . .  HERE.

But what I need is a little space.  I'm going to create it by taking the month of April OFF. Then when we start back, It will likely be a bi-monthly contest.  Maybe a longer entry period and even unlimited entries per person.  So you CAN enter  more than one of the beautiful views you find, especially if the period is 60 days! The prize value and depth may be increase to provide more financial incentive to play along.

I value your input and ideas if you'd like to share.  I'm sure you have better ideas than I do right now.  That's another story for another day.  Perhaps a novel (don't we all have one of those in our heads somewhere)?

In the mean time, the MARCH paint off in Rome is waiting to be judged.  2 more day for voting and the field isn't that large this time, so please take a look at the March paintings and vote for your favorite.  OR better yet . . . Buy one of them and bring it home. I always do ;)

Thanks so much for your time and attention.  I need a nap.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

LOST in Rome?

I am a little embarrassed in my lack of communication this month.  I have a bunch of excuses (spring break week on the beach, carpal tunnel pain, my real job, and a few others) but let's be honest,  I have been remiss in not posting the paintings as they come in.   AND the Vote Now link on this site was not finding the March contest, but I just fixed that too.

Anyway, today I'm going to post the wonderful Rome paintings that have come in this month.  The group is small (at least right now) so everyone might make the finals this month, but they are all worthy of much more.
-AND- I may have a change to the boundaries (because lots of people ventured out of Rome) but I am checking on that.

For example Layne Cook's Piazza Cafe:

12x12 Oil on Canvas by Layne Cook's
Piazza Cafe

View Larger Map

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Colosseum and a Roof Top Garden

The Colosseum by Sam McIntire
17.5 x 10 Watercolor
Sam McIntire choose the view of The Colosseum for his watercolor submission and Nicola Dalbenzio found this little roof top garden.

Roof Top Garden  by Nicola Dalbenzio
9x12 Watercolor and Pen

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

David Sgambellone is February's Winner.

David took this Street View from Prague and made it romantic and beautiful enough that even the folks who live next door might want to "go there."  From a neighborhood in Prague, through an artist in California, to your desktop for your enjoyment.  David won $250 for his effort.  At the end of this post are some of the judges comments about this and the other finalists.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day
by David Sgambellone

Some of our Judges notes:

My choice for First Place is David Sgamballone's watercolor. It's avery nicely rendered composition of a quaint country scene which brings to mind photos I've seen taken by Marie Zahnova. Second choice is Tilan Ti's oil. The Impressionistic style romanticizes the scene and the horizontal format emphasizes the bridge which holds the composition together...very nice!

The 12 x 12 oil by Layne Cook is worth mentioning. It's a strong, successful painting in all respects. . but it could be anywhere
My first choice was – and still is… 12 x 16 Watercolor by David Sgamballone

It makes me feel like sunning myself in the garden.
I cast my vote for Tilan Ti.  It's beautifully done and captures the spirit of Prague.
My favorite painting of the group other than of course my own is "Sunshine on a Cloudy Day" by David Sgamballone. I like it because it is peaceful. It also shows a way of life for someone living in Prague. 
I vote for the 12.5 x 35.5 oil painting by Tilan TI.
 I pick the  9 x 7 Gouache on Paper by Chris Ousley as the winner.
I felt that he gave us a winning combination of subject, composition and style. I have never been to Prague but I feel that I now have a sense of the place - the history, the architecture and the landscape. The people and the swans bring it all to life. I feel Chris did an outstanding job with the tricky  perspective. The hard lines of the bridge are nicely balanced by the movement in the water and the simple palette makes this a winner!

I like Layne cook's first. The brushwork and colors
then tian ti The depth and atmosphere
3rd David Larson Evans. Nice clean color

Sunday, March 6, 2011

February Finalists Finally Found

Why do I find myself apologizing for the silliness of my headlines?  It's obvious to me.  I have finally realized it it March 5th.  Or WAS March 5th Yesterday.  Don't know how I missed it really.  I sit in front of a computer all day, most of the time.  So with no further adieu here are February's 8 finalists.  (That headline would have worked better with FIVE, but I couldn't stop at 5) The first one is the POPULAR VOTE WINNER (of $100) Congratulations, Grace. The other 7 finalists follow in no particular order.

If you have been asked to participate in this round of judging, please email (asap)

9 x 12 Watercolor by Grace Gehrke

12.5" x 35.5" Oil on Canvas by Tilan Ti

12 x 12 Oil on Canvas by Layne Cook

8x10 Oil on Panel by David Larsen Evans

12 x 16 Watercolor by David Sgamballone

8 x 6 Oil on Canvas Panel by Carmen Beecher

4 x 12 Oil on Canvas by Carol Schiff

9 x 7 Gouache on Paper by Chris Ousley

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When in Rome, PAINT

I have a grandson named Roman. He's 4 1/2 years old.  He loves elephants, and so "When with Roman we do as Roman does" and that is. . . we play elephants. As elephants, with elephants, and for the elephants. I doubt you'll find any elephants in Rome via Street View but if you do, please let me know.  Even if you don't paint them I'd love to see them.

So in case it hasn't been made obvious by my silly references, we are going to be painting Rome, Italy for the month of March. So check out the Current Challenge page for a "starting point."  It's the Colosseum, and it could use some paint!

Have fun and if you have not already voted for your favorite of the Prague submissions in February, please do so in the next day or two.  The voting will end and the Finalists announced on March 5th.

Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a Small World TOO

Even though February feels too short for our contest, it has helped prove that it's a small world afterall. I've done some checking and the nearest I can tell, these two artists (from different parts of the country) found the exact same street view in Prague, without it having been posted.  Chris Ousley from Tennessee and David Gambelone from California set their easels up right next to each other and didn't even know!!!

Prague Bridge by Chris Ousley
9x7 Gouache on paper

David Sgambellone (UNOFFICIAL entry)
This is David's 2nd painting in Prague, so it's not IN the contest.

Here's the street view 

February is SHORT isn't it?

Here are a few of the other entries in February's Street View Paint OFF.  Simply incredible paintings and Street Views.  Be careful you'll want to go to Prague.  If you do of course, call my In-Laws at Pathfinders.  Tom and Marie Zahn.  They LIVE in Prague.  Better yet, call me too.  I want to GO !!!

I'm going to post the LINK to the Street Views rather than embedding the actual view.  The page will load faster and you can still open the link in a new page.

Diana Arneson - 9.5 x 9.5 Watercolor
Street View Link

St.Agnes's of Bohemia Convent 1230-1280by Chris Favre 30 x 24 Watercolor
Street View Link

9 x 12 Watercolor by Grace Gehrke
House by the Tracks
Street View LINK

Prague River View
12 x 15 Watercolor by Nicola Dalbenzio
Street View

10 x 7 Watercolor by Patrick Casbar
Street View LINK

Prague Hillside by Rita DeCaprio
8x10 Oil on Hardboard
Street View LINK

A Corner of Prague
Tracie Stewart-O'Brien
7.5 x 11" Watercolor
Street view LINK

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bridges from the Past to the Future

One of our regular participants Ginger Gehres (pronounced Garris, like Harris) from North Carolina has provided a fabulous view into the production process of her submission this month.  I am very excited about it because it is done with digital paintbrushes.  So it follows up our conversation this month about the different forms of painting and art.
Bridges from the Past to the Future
by Ginger Gehres
If you follow the contest and the look for new entries, you've seen Ginger's final submission, but perhaps you'd like to see how this particular painting was created.  This is NOT a digitally manipulated version of the actual screen shot.  It started with a blank canvas and an artist's window into Prague.

Here's the STREET VIEW from GOOGLE

I have questions, and if you do please ask them here.  Ginger is very responsive and great to talk to.  She will be glad to answer our questions.  I know she would.  So, I would like to ask what Software program you painted with and what was the actual tool in your hand?  I'm thinking you had to have a pencil/drawing tablet (but that's just my carpel tunnel pain in my mouse hand talking) but I'm dying to know, how you control the cursor well enough to do such tiny "brush" work?  It's very intriguing.

And what is your plan to reproduce this work?  Would this be something you'd be able to print out on canvas like a giclee' (which is hard for me to pronounce considering my initials are KZ and Zee-Klay makes me feel tongue tied ;) and Speaking of a Giclee print, how do they digitize an actual painting?  How do the get the textures and such of say a palette knife painting?   Or do they?

Ginger, you don't need to answer that last one. . . unless you want to!  But anyone else can feel free to help educate me.  Thanks again Ginger for providing these images.  I have a few more entries to share so I'll be posting again soon. But for now, feel free to discuss ;)