Each month new boundaries for Location Scouting will be announced.  If you go outside of these boundries your view would be considered unqualified for the prize that month.  Your reference for your painting MUST BE FROM A GOOGLE(tm) STREET VIEW.  See the FAQs for more info on how to use Street View.

Artist age 13 to adult of any ability using any mediums are welcome to enter.  Your entry must be of a location/view found using Google Street View that has already been approved/posted for that month, or can be entirely your own choosing as long as it is inside the boundaries for that month's challenge.  If you submit a new view, others can use that view for their entry (for the Google challenged among us :) AND you will need to provide the Street View Link to your new view.

To get a link look to the upper right corner of the Google Street View you are painting or viewing, choose LINK and either copy the link and paste it into your email, or choose the SEND button email it to yourself (highly recommended from the start so you don't loose your place) and then use it later for your submission.

Approved VIEWS will show up as NEW POSTS and the Blog Archive will list them each month.  Paintings OF each view will be added to the original posts.  Images of Artwork will also be posted on FaceBook for judging.  If you do not want your work on FaceBook you should NOT enter the contest.

Be aware that when people take photographs and submit them via Google's Picassa or similar, they turn up on their maps as little BLUE DOTS.  You can NOT use these photographs as your reference.  
If you are submitting a new view, you must have  link to your view in Google Street View.  
That's the one with a 360 degree view you can move around in that you find using Pegman.  
  • All submission must be received by the last day of the month to be in competition for prize money.  Entries will no longer be accepted after the last day of the month, but the VOTING WILL REMAIN OPEN until the 5th day of the next month.  During those 5 days, all entries will be promoted to our FaceBook Fans so that all entries have time to be seen.
  • Winner will be required to provide a valid MAILING ADDRESS to receive his/her prize.
  • Limit of ONE entry per Artist per Month and LIMIT of 3 Prizes per Artist per Year.
  • All entries submitted MUST be YOUR original art, and you agree to allow this website to use the image of your artwork on this site.  
  • FaceBook and Public Fans will choose FINALISTS by VOTING ONLINE and the WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN by a Panel of Peers that include me, Kay Zahn and  a Jury of Artists, Collectors and Real People, who will be introduced along the way.  The WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED on the 6th or 7th of the month.
  • WINNERS will be posted on this Blog and will be notified by Email.
Use the CONTEST entry form to enter.
Rules are subject to change without notice. 
It's my contest, my cash, my rules.  But any change will only be in the interest of fairness.

 Please check back if you have any questions about the rules.
Void where prohibited by law or some other entity beyond my control.