Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a Small World TOO

Even though February feels too short for our contest, it has helped prove that it's a small world afterall. I've done some checking and the nearest I can tell, these two artists (from different parts of the country) found the exact same street view in Prague, without it having been posted.  Chris Ousley from Tennessee and David Gambelone from California set their easels up right next to each other and didn't even know!!!

Prague Bridge by Chris Ousley
9x7 Gouache on paper

David Sgambellone (UNOFFICIAL entry)
This is David's 2nd painting in Prague, so it's not IN the contest.

Here's the street view 

February is SHORT isn't it?

Here are a few of the other entries in February's Street View Paint OFF.  Simply incredible paintings and Street Views.  Be careful you'll want to go to Prague.  If you do of course, call my In-Laws at Pathfinders.  Tom and Marie Zahn.  They LIVE in Prague.  Better yet, call me too.  I want to GO !!!

I'm going to post the LINK to the Street Views rather than embedding the actual view.  The page will load faster and you can still open the link in a new page.

Diana Arneson - 9.5 x 9.5 Watercolor
Street View Link

St.Agnes's of Bohemia Convent 1230-1280by Chris Favre 30 x 24 Watercolor
Street View Link

9 x 12 Watercolor by Grace Gehrke
House by the Tracks
Street View LINK

Prague River View
12 x 15 Watercolor by Nicola Dalbenzio
Street View

10 x 7 Watercolor by Patrick Casbar
Street View LINK

Prague Hillside by Rita DeCaprio
8x10 Oil on Hardboard
Street View LINK

A Corner of Prague
Tracie Stewart-O'Brien
7.5 x 11" Watercolor
Street view LINK

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bridges from the Past to the Future

One of our regular participants Ginger Gehres (pronounced Garris, like Harris) from North Carolina has provided a fabulous view into the production process of her submission this month.  I am very excited about it because it is done with digital paintbrushes.  So it follows up our conversation this month about the different forms of painting and art.
Bridges from the Past to the Future
by Ginger Gehres
If you follow the contest and the look for new entries, you've seen Ginger's final submission, but perhaps you'd like to see how this particular painting was created.  This is NOT a digitally manipulated version of the actual screen shot.  It started with a blank canvas and an artist's window into Prague.

Here's the STREET VIEW from GOOGLE

I have questions, and if you do please ask them here.  Ginger is very responsive and great to talk to.  She will be glad to answer our questions.  I know she would.  So, I would like to ask what Software program you painted with and what was the actual tool in your hand?  I'm thinking you had to have a pencil/drawing tablet (but that's just my carpel tunnel pain in my mouse hand talking) but I'm dying to know, how you control the cursor well enough to do such tiny "brush" work?  It's very intriguing.

And what is your plan to reproduce this work?  Would this be something you'd be able to print out on canvas like a giclee' (which is hard for me to pronounce considering my initials are KZ and Zee-Klay makes me feel tongue tied ;) and Speaking of a Giclee print, how do they digitize an actual painting?  How do the get the textures and such of say a palette knife painting?   Or do they?

Ginger, you don't need to answer that last one. . . unless you want to!  But anyone else can feel free to help educate me.  Thanks again Ginger for providing these images.  I have a few more entries to share so I'll be posting again soon. But for now, feel free to discuss ;)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Everybody's Checking It Out

In the world of the Street View Paint OFF this captivating scene comes from everyday life for these folks in Prague, CZ.  The Street View is brimming with action as the artist focuses our attention. One can almost feel the video intro that starts with the earth, and brings us to Europe and then the Czech Republic and to Prague, down to the street and then this intimate scene, where what is happening?  Checking email maybe?  You should Check Out the Street View below.

Everybody's Checking it Out by Layne Cook
12 x 12 Oil on Canvas

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Three entries from Prague bring tears to my eyes

OK I don't mean to be so silly in my headlines but there are two things going on this month that bring tears to my eyes.  ONE is indeed Prague from Google's Street View.  Every one is fascinating and makes me want to go there very badly.  I am REALLY considering that River Cruise thing we talked about on Facebook. . .  and Number TWO - I have serious "carpel tunnel" problems right now.  Every keystroke hurts (less since hubby got me this wrist brace) and my words must be short, but here are some of this months entries so far. Vote for your favorite here.

8 Na Kampe
Carmen Beecher
 8x6 Oil on Canvas

Back from Town by David Larsen Evans
8x10 Oil on Hardboard

David Sgambellone 12 x 16 Watercolor

View Larger Map

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Two Submissions bring obvious questions?

Let me just put it out there.  The first painting submitted was NOT accepted, but I can reconsider if enough people disagree with me.  However don't be too quick to defend, because the painting that was NOT accepted is posted here at this link. It was entered by Chelsea Coon and titled "We are all Stardust." You can take a look by taking that link.

The painting you SEE Below was accepted into February's Street View Paint OFF of Prague.  

Prague by Nic Squirrell - digital painting

View Larger Map

Yes I know.  Another digital entry! Did I open a flood gate?  Do we even care to discuss?  

My opinion is simply that if it looks, smells, tastes, feels, and acts like art, it must be art.  It's hard to look at the digital image above and then the Street View Image below it, and NOT agree that it's a well done, artistic take on the view (and not a cut/paste job that the word 'digital' conjures up)   

But then why did I NOT accept the first entry linked above?

In my humble opinion (which is the one making the rules) it didn't appear to have been motivated by a Street View.  Even though the artist "said" (by clicking the box) that it was painted in reference to the Sample View I posted.  It came in on nearly the first day of the contest, and I did a little research to see if I could find out how old the image was (but I'm not that good :).  Taking all of that into consideration, I choose to not approve it.

I am willing to reconsider if anyone has a strong difference of opinion, or further information on the artist's behalf.  I suppose I should have simply asked her, but I didn't.  Oh my, now that I type THAT, I'm realizing that I indeed owe her the chance to moderate (or narrate?) her entry.  

Please feel free to comment while I ask Chelsea for hers . .  or better yet . . PAINT THAT VIEW above, if you think there's a better definition of art to behold. Nic (the artist of the above entry) would probably be honored to share the view.  

Monday, February 7, 2011

Carol Schiff is January's Street View Winner

Carol Schiff's painting "Three Palms with Sunrise" won over the judges by a good margin and you can see why in this 8x10 Oil on Canvas done with a Palette knife. Carol's street view can be found with post when she entered and here is the winning painting. Congratulations Carol !

Three Palms with Sunrise by Carol Schiff

Our judges this month were:  All of the 23 Artists who submitted a painting and Invited Panel of Artists that included Becky Joy from Phoenix, AZ, Warren Keating from Los Angeles, CA ,and Ginger Gehres  from Angier, N.Carolina.  I highly recommend checking out their art.  Just so happens that one of each of their works adorn my walls. 

Here are some of the comments collected about our winner as well as the other finalists.  I hope you find them helpful.
  •  Three Palms with Sunrise by Carol Schiff,   a perfectly flat realistic painting that works quite well on an abstract level.  I did have a tough time choosing, my second choice would be Carol DeMumbren's piece.
    • My vote will go to Three Palms and Sunrise.  I really like the texture and the bold color. 
    • Cast my vote for Carol Schiff. Great use of color, palette knife and good value balance.
    • Carol Schiff the others are mediocre... mine was less than mediocre
    • I really do like "Three Palms" by Carol Schiff
    • My vote goes to Carol Schiff, I'm partial to palm trees. 
  • Carol DeMumbrum's Clearwater on my Mind. has an obvious focal point & depth with the use of color and detail.
    • ..tough choice.  But, my vote goes to Clearwater on my Mind
  • S Gambolieon's  Rock House at St. Augustine Good use of light and good drawing.
    •  I vote for the St Augustine Rock House. . . beautiful use of colors. A well done watercolor.  My runner-up is the bicycle shop which is equally well done but for me, the color in the Rock House was the deciding factor

The following critique was offered by one artist and it was so thorough that I had to share it in its entirety I removed the reference to MY painting to reserve the artist's identity - unless he/she tells me not to ;)"The following is just my opinion judging from the photos. Taking in consideration the lost of detail via the camera and computer. Personally I welcome all comments . . . good or negative, but (I find the) negative aspects improve (the) work. So my critic will have positive and negative (as in a way to learn) comments." 

NOTE: Interest Holding Power, I.H.P. ratings in percentages.
David Sgambellone
Could have moved the house a little more away from the center of the painting and punched up the color. Seagulls have the right atmospheric perspective, but are hard to see in the photo. IHP 75% 

Bev Koldon
Great colors added a lot to the land/seascape…perspective distracted my attention a little. IHP 40%

Geoff Slater
Good perspective, nice window reflections…could of used a third color as a reflective color under the roof eves.
Unique style. IHP 60%

Miriam Carnell
Very soft…foreground tree and fence adds depth…driveway perspective and ground cover caught my eye. IHP 50%
C. Demundrum
Very nice use of color, brushes and artistic impression. IHP 60%

J. Kurunsky
Colorful and simple looking, but I can see a lot effort... IHP 40%

90 miles to Cuba
Nice brush work, great caricatures. IHP 60%

Carol Schiff
Very artistic, good use of color with palette knife. A great painting overall. IHP 75%

Alma Jo Drain
A lot of artistic license, good reflection… could have omitted railing. IHP 50%

Sunday, February 6, 2011

January's Finalists are Selected

Another tough month to separate the finalists from the group.  Our Florida submissions totaled 23 and I am happy to announce it's been narrowed down to 9 finalists.  Our popular VOTE (and $100 winner) is: Beverly Koldon with her submission of "Jupiter Paradise"

Jupiter Paradise by Beverly Koldon
6x6 Acrylic on Canvas
Our second popular vote winner (by a very close margin and therefore also the winner of a $100 Visa card - that's right . . . I can do that ;) is Geoff Slater who went looking for higher ground and found it.

Higher Ground by Geoff Slater
8x10 Watercolor
The rest of the finalists are as follows (in NO PARTICULAR ORDER)

Old Time Religion by Miriam Carnell
8x10 Oil on Canvas

Clearwater on my Mind by Carol DeMumbrum
8x10 Oil on Linen Canvas

Ernest's Cafe by Joanna Kurimsky
18 x13 Watercolor
90 Miles to Cuba by JoAnn Simon
8x10 Watercolor

Rock House St.Augustine by David Sgambellone
16 x 12  Watercolor on 140 lb Arches

Three Palms with Sunrise by Carol Schiff
8x10 Oil on Canvas
Roadside Beauty by Alma Jo Drain
16 x 20 Oil on Canvas

And there you have them. After the judges weigh in, I will announce January's winner. Good luck to you ALL.

Share the Joy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Prague is on my mind, my Passport is Ready

 I will improve this post later today, but here's a jumping off point in beautiful Prague, CZ. (February's Street View Paint OFF location)