Monday, December 27, 2010

Iowa Memories OLD and New

This has been a most joyous holiday season and I'm so happy to have chosen Iowa as our painting location because I've been immersed in memories of Iowa this past week.  Memories OF Iowa and FROM Iowa. From both Family and Friends, old and new.  Like this submission from Stevie Denny.

NorthSide Cafe by Stevie Denny
7x5 Watercolor on 14lb Paper
Stevie went to Winterset Iowa and found this little cafe right that feels like Main Street USA.
Here's the Google View.

View Larger Map

Or this little farmhouse done in watercolor from Melinda Brown.
Old Portland Road Farm by Melinda Brown
15 x 8 Watercolor on 140lb Paper

Thursday, December 16, 2010

John Wayne's Birthplace is in IOWA

Carmen Beecher provided this OFFICIAL entry from the Street View of John Wayne's birthplace. 
7x5 Oil on Gessoed Canvas Panel by Carmen Beecher
John Wayne's Birthplace
Alma Jo decided to include the DUKE himself in her version of this location.
16 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas by Alma Jo Drain

Here's a Google Street View Map in Iowa of John Wayne's Birthplace

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Digital Paintbrush and an Artist's Eye

The following painting was submitted by Julien Menet who joined us from Thailand.  I'm amazed everyday at the reach of Google's Street View.  I've grew up not far from Marshalltown, IA.  There's a farm like this every 10 to 15 miles.  Some right off the highway, and some tucked away behind acres of corn or soybean fields, and now from Thailand comes this artist's view.
digital painting by Julien Menet
Here's the StreetView for you to enjoy, or paint from.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winterset, Iowa Where Else?

So if you have to go to Iowa to paint something in the DECEMBER Paint Off, why not WINTERSET.  Sounds very Holiday like indeed.  I don't know if that's what Carol Schiff had in mind when she found this little white house or if it's a coincidence, but I'm going with it!

215 South 8th Ave by Carol Schiff
8x6 Oil on Canvas
Here's the street view image for your viewing or painting pleasure . .

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Life to an Old Station

Oh my goodness when I choose Iowa as December's location I did it because it was my "holiday" go to place. I grew up in Iowa, so if I were to look at the holidays from my inner child's view we would be in Iowa. So that's were we went. But I had NO IDEA that the first entries would bring back such memories.

In fact if the choice was from an inner child, this entry from Chris Ousley is speaking to my "inner teen" as back in high school I owned a gas station for a few years. Really, in small town Iowa, back then before the FreeWay went in it was a profitable place. This scene found by Chris could just as well have been the one.

9x12 Acrylic on Canvas Panel by Chris Ousley
Look at the actual Google Street View.  Chris took this aging station, cleaned & shined it like new.

View Larger Map

In fact . . .and I've NEVER done this before but . . . OMG . . . here it IS . . THE Gas Station that I owned back in 1974!!!  My heart is racing. This IS it (below) 30 years later.  Looks sort of abandoned doesn't it? Back in the day it was COOL. "Daisy Duke Shorts" washing windows, checking oil and etc.  HEY it worked.  I worked!

Ummm not for nothing, but if anyone has followed this contest closely, and or checked out any of my other blogs (like you might get some sort of idea that painting THIS gas station in some way shape of form might help you sell a painting this month. You'd be RIGHT.  ;)
Like this one called Kay's Station by Carol Schiff.

Our Winner for NOVEMBER is Brittney Dickerson

In a last minute frenzy (for me anyway) our winner has been authenticated and as you can see it was Brittney Dickerson with her last minute entry.  With a stunning panoramic view she entered on November 30,  she made the top 10% of the popular vote and was chosen by our panel of Judges.

Haleiwa, Hawaii 12x36 Oil on Canvas by Brittney Dickerson

The Google Street View can be found HERE.  It's worth taking a look.  Really the Street View images are more fun along with the paintings.

Brittney's entry has proven a few things.  ONE, it doesn't matter if you get in early or late, we are giving enough time to garner votes.  Our popular vote winner Kim Frakes, had 111 votes.  Brittney had 75.  Kim entered early, and Brittney at the last minute. (really like 11:30pm ;)  AND the system of choosing a group or finalist for further "judging" has proven to be a fair and insightful process.

The first 7 finalist were chosen by popular vote and the final two were put in by ME (because I am the queen) and I felt that they would have made the finals had they more FaceBook friends.  So what that tells you is that I AM taking other things in to consideration when the situation warrants, AND this time I had company as one of the OUTSIDE judges choose one of my wild cards as her favorite.

Now for the answer to "who are the judges"  Our Judges consisted of my sister in law (and Santa Fe Artist who works in 2 galleries there) PE Baldwin and I invited Laeli Bowden (last month's winner) along with a vote (if they cared to) from every one who entered the contest.  So there were 30 artist entrants and 2 outside judges asked to weigh in, not everybody did (and no one could vote for their own, in fact it was assumed that they all would and cancel each other out, so they either abstained, or voted for someone else . . which was very kind of those who did.)

The votes were so evenly split and there were such well thought out comments that I just know it was the way to go. You know the results.  Brittney won, but I choose 2 runner ups just because it seemed like they deserved it.  There's no prize for runner up (may I should come up with one) but honorable mention is worth something isn't it ?  Here are some of the comments from our judges.

"My vote among the finalists is for the painting by Britney Dickerson. I like the use of color and the creative yet balanced composition in the painting."

"Hello again, I should have looked at the finalist before I replied...oh well.  As I said, the competition is very steep, but my favorite is Tim's"

"My “finalist” vote is for Jo Ann Simon’s postcard watercolor… It’s loose, flowing application makes you feel movement – like the tropic breezes."

"I think it was Gingers painting that caught my eye her technical ability as a painter gives her my vote."

"I vote for Maria Milazzo.  She did a  nice job of taking an ordinary street scene and turning it into a delight to look at,  adding nice details like the cars in the driveways.  I also loved her clouds -- they make for a very interesting sky!"

"I would like to vote for Tim Webster's 16" x 20" oil on canvas.  I love his perspective and brilliant use of colors they pulled me in at first glance.  The details are gnarly down to the birds flying over head to the people swimming in the water.  This painting defiantly caught my eye out of all the finalists."

"Hello I would like to vote for Maria Milazzo. The beautiful and colorful street view of Hawaii is amazing. Don’t you just want to move to that quiet road.  The colors and the sky are so inviting I want to see where the road leads. I think this is a fantastic idea of what Hawaii is all about. Maria did and awesome job and has my vote!"

"Len Windle 11x14 Acrylic on Canvas  - I like the palm trees and the touch of sun hitting the rocks behind"

My opinion (from PE Baldwin)
1st - David Evans...originality, narrative interest (tells a story), good color and composition
2nd - JoAnn Simon...composition
3rd - Maria Milazzo...color
4th - Ginger Gehris...skillfully handled

These were just the votes with comments (the actual vote count was Brittney 4, nearest other 2 and everyone of the finalists got at least one vote from someone) so that our November Artist's can see the feedback to their paintings.  The contest was a lot of fun last month.  I hope everyone is satisfied with the procedure(s).  I am learning what I have control of and what I do NOT have control of in the contest, and I'm working on a few updates to the 'display' functions.  But all in all I think it went pretty well.

So the winner was Brittney, and the runner's up were Maria and JoAnn

Thanks to everyone who participated.  Off to IOWA to look for another subject.  Remember December's prize is $350 (a little extra incentive to paint through the holiday)

Share the JOY.  Kay

Monday, December 6, 2010

A classic Little Church in Iowa

Feeling frazzled from the Holidays already?  Here's an idea.  Paint Something.  Look at this Little White Church in Iowa.  It makes me want to plan a wedding.  But alas, I've been happily married for 27 years and my daughter is only 14.  But my day will come.
Church Street View - by David Sgambellone
14 x 20 Watercolor on 14lb paper

This little town is on the river it appears. Feel free to paint THIS VIEW or find one of your own from here.

Gingers Gehres sent us her Digital entry.  Busy for the holidays she applied a different hand to this piece.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

November's Finalists Unveiled

The popular vote is in and the most votes were garnered by Kim Frakes.  Kim will receive a $100 Visa Card for the recognition by friends and family.  Kim's painting received 111 Official Votes in our Contest.  However there were many others who received high numbers of votes and the Judging phase is in progress.

The FINALISTS ARE AS FOLLOWS - Winner announced tomorrow. . . . 
Kim Frakes - 16x20 Oil on Canvas
Britney Dickerson 12x36 Acrylic on Canvas
Jo Ann Simon - Watercolor - ACEO 3.5" x 2.5"
Tiziana Blacklock - 11x15 WaterColor on ColdPress Paper
Maria Milazzo 18x24 Oil on Canvas

Ginger Gehres 16x12 Acrylic on Canvas
Tim Webster 16x20 Oil on Canvas

Len Windle 11x14 Acrylic on Canvas

David Evans 11x14 Oil on Linen Panel

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Goodbye Hawaii, Hello IOWA

What a busy day the first of the month is turning out to be.  Some quick updates to the contest(s) currently running.

November submission period has ended and we have 30 OFFICIAL entries (that's 3 more than last month whoo hoo!)  Please take some time over the next 5 days to view them and cast your votes.  After the 5th, the finalists (as chosen by public voting) will go to the final round and be judged by a panel of peers.  I don't have time to make that group too big right now, so the judges will be me and the few other artists who have already expressed their willingness to help.  None of these judges have entered the contest ;) so there will be no voting for oneself.

December's location has been announced and can be found under the Current Challenge Tab above.  But as you already know, the new location boundaries are the State of Iowa. Where I spent my childhood and my first 18 holiday seasons. (I've grown accustomed to Arizona holidays, but they are nothing like the Winter in Iowa)

Iowa is beautiful. The birthplace of John Wayne (and me) and don't forget about the Bridges of Madison county.  They are out there folks.  Just waiting for you to discover them and paint.

AND OH YEA, in case you didn't notice December's Prize is $350.  A little "extra" to help motivate you to paint this holiday season.  Could be worth it.

Finally, the Contest entry form will be available in the next day or two.  Figured no one could be ready yet anyway ;)  But given that November's contest is still active as we vote and choose a winner, I didn't want any December entries anywhere to confuse the voters.  Does that make sense?

OK, share the happy.  Have fun.  Kay

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Park Access Road is a Gem

Park Access Road  Kaneohe by Lynne Cunningham
16x12 Oil on Canvas

Lynne found a Street View that sneaks a peek at a peak that was hidden away . . . until it wasn't!  This is a great view to explore from. Lynne included this comment  "the Streetview map location is on the northwest side of the mountains that separate Honolulu from the other side of Oahu, near Kaneohe . . . nice discovery.  The Park Access Road painting was fun getting the shadows in the scene with the flowering trees and the Pali (mountains) in the background."

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Small Works of Art Make GREAT Gifts for Collectors

Captain Cook Hawaii by JoAnn Simon
ATCO - 2.5 x 3.5" Watercolor 

JoAnn just sent me her web address and I looked for her painting on the blog.  Only to find I hadn't posted it.  It IS in the contest, collecting votes, but I forgot to post it.  I know why.  It's because I wanted to talk about ACEOs or ATCO.  Art Cards Editions and Originals and Artist Trading Card Originals, and to make it even more confusing, sometimes SFA or Small Format Art.

I colledt ACEOs which by definition are original pieces of art in the EXACT size of 2.5 x 3.5 (just like Baseball Trading Cards) and there is a huge market for these small works of art on Ebay and other online sites like ETSY et all.

I really like the idea of Artists "trading" original cards for each other to share their work.  To have an opportunity to hold the work of art in your hand.  Feel the texture of the particular medium and many times it leads to the purchase of a larger work.

Some artists only work in miniature and you there will never be a larger painting to purchase or hold.  The small works can be grouped together and matted in such a way to showcase these small treasures in any way you like.

I have posted on my Joy of Painting blog about the OPA on my wall (that's other people's art) well one of my favorite artists does all ACEOs and she holds a special place on my wall.  I'll share that some day soon. If there's some extra hours in a day coming up soon???  Yes?  Please !

So much Art, So little Time

I am so excited to see so many entries coming in through the new interface.  The only thing is of course that let's me put off posting them to the blog (though some may appreciate the internet silence sometimes) and now I'm feeling guilty.  So I just HAVE TO SHOW you these new entries of late.  There are a number of GREAT paintings and links here.  You should look at the Street Views too.  They are SO COOL.  Also if you are one of the ARTISTS this month who has submitted a painting, please send me a link to YOUR webpage so I can link them here.  I forgot to put that in my form (duh).

KoKo Head Park Overlook
by Ginger Gehres
16x12 Acrylic on Canvas
Here's a link Ginger's Street View and while she was painting there, Chris Favre (any relation to . . no I won't do that to you ?) was painting in Watercolor in a peaceful little setting seen here.

Peace in Dreamland by Chris Favre
8.5 x 11 Watercolor
Chris' Street View link will show you her location that day.  It REALLY IS WORTH LOOKING AT.  Chris did a fabulous job.  And speaking of FABULOUS.  David Evans found another unique view of Hawaii and the most incredible tree I've ever seen. . . or Google's truck has ever seen . . .or whatever.  You should look at the Street View from David's painting, and then look his submission this month.  I'm Loving IT !

Giant Baobab by David Evans
11x14 Oil on Linen

And finally (for now) another official entry (SEE THEM ALL HERE) this morning from Leah Hinkle.

82 Farington Highway by Leah Hinkle
8x10 Acrylic on Board

Monday, November 15, 2010

Breezy Beach Road

Jan Happle painted a breezy day in Honolulu with her Breezy Beach Road
Breezy Beach Road by Jan Happle
9x12 Watercolor

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Google Street View Truck Really Caught This

Can you believe that the Google Truck caught this scene?  What if that was your campsite.  Once imortalized by Google, and again here by Tiziane Blacklock in Watercolor.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oahu's Makaha Beach Park

David Zimmerman found a beach on Oahu and made it his own.  The image invokes a scene from "days gone by" but could very well be yesterday.  Everything old is new again, especially when it comes to old cars.  As you will see the Cars and people came out of David's imagination.  The Google Van didn't actually see these people headed off to the surf. But we can see them. Thanks to David.

Hawaiian Eye by David Zimmerman
6x8 Oil on Canvas

Here's the Google Link

Friday, November 12, 2010

Len Windle found Waimanola Beach

Waimanola Beach View by Mary Maxam
9x9 Oil on Gessoed Panel

What a Beautiful Day by Mary Roxanne Harmon
20x24 Acrylic on Canvas

A very tropical landscape found by Len Windle (below) and Mary Harmon (above) agreed.

Waimanola Beach by Len Windle
11x14 Acrylic on Canvas

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three hours from Billings to Hawaii

Official Entry from Feliesha Willis from Billings MT
12x24 Acrylic on Canvas
total paint time : 3 hours

View Larger Map

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kahaluu-Keauhou, Hawaii

Home Under Palms, by Jeri Risen
8.5 x 11, Watercolor 
Here's a view found by Jeri Risen from her tropical location (Tampa) of another (Hawaii) Feel free to use this view and paint your own version of Kahaluu-Keauhou, Hawaii.  Use the View Larger Map link under the Street View below to take off from here and find a new view.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Koi Loop in Pāpa‘aloa, HI

Our resident Matwan Artist found this colorful little neighborhood to paint from in  Pāpa‘aloa, HI.  If you like this painting or any others and would like to VOTE for your favorite, please visit our Contest HQ If you'd like to Paint with us in Hawaii, please feel free to do so. You may just WIN $250 cash and a trip to Hawaii.

Morning at Koi Loop by Maria Milazzo
18x24 Oil on Canvas

Kiheli Hwy - Hawaiii

Coconut Grove Hawaii by Pamela Palmer
2x3 Acrylic

Official Entry from
Lesley Higbee
Official NOVEMBER entry
by Sue Wakeling
Here's the Street View that they started with.  You can use this to find a new spot or paint from here.  If you do find a new spot, don't forget to get a LINK so you won't loose it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our FIRST ever Winner of the Street View Paint Off

Congratulations to Laeli Bowden who has won our October/Arizona challenge. Laeli will be receiving a $250 Visa card! Laeli painted the Red Rocks of Sedona and her painting caught the eye of 112 friends who voted for her painting.

Red Rock Country by Laeli Bowden
I feel compelled to give you a few other stats, such as: 

Honorable mention goes to Michelle Boonstra and Len Windel who were a close second and third in the vote count.  And just in case you wondered, Laeli was our 18th entry, and it was received in the middle of the month.  Michelle was our fifth and Len our 3rd.  Which is to say it doesn't matter much if your painting was an early or late entry.

Or DOES IT?  I received a great question about the length of voting time for the contest.  It's worth exploring. It had to do with the "voting period" and whether it should be all month, or a 5 day period AFTER all entries are in.  So let me share that part of the rules and solicit your comments and suggestions.

Basically right now in November the voting has OPENED.  I made it the 6th of the month so as not to confuse anyone voting as to what period they are voting for.  So when the voting for the last month ends on the 5th, the voting for the new period opens on the 6th.

Now, this does suggest that anyone who enters early could gather more votes, and this is true to some extent because they'd have more TIME to be seen, but that didn't make a huge difference to our winner in October.  She had lots of friends ;)  I think I've addressed this in the capping of votes for each person.  Each person can only vote 5 times in the whole contest.  Meaning that everyone will have the chance to get their friends to vote for them a limited number of times whether or not they were early or late.

The biggest change is of course the the voting by the public for the Finalists with the Winner being chosen from them by a panel of their peers.  Which will include some of the artists entered (who can't vote for themselves)  along with myself and a few artist friends of a higher quality than  I.  I will introduce each judges group along the way.

I am going to post this.  I reserve the right to edit, if I made errors.  I know everyone is waiting for the winner.

Congrats again Laeli.  Great Job.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A few place to start in Hawaii

Kiheil Hwy by Sue Wakeling
Official November  Entry
Someone (Jan ;) asked for a few "jumping off places" recognizing that there aren't too many roads in/on the islands for Google to have gone.  To make it a little harder, there are a lot of photos posted on the maps.  Remember photos are STATIC IMAGES that show up when you drop Pegman on a "little blue dot." What you are looking for is the STREET VIEW Images with the 360 degree rotation, and the little compass in the corner.

Here are a few to look at.  Feel Free to paint these views as they are, or to move on down the road and pick something else.  If you do that however, remember to save yourself a link (in the RIGHT corner of the map there are link options)


A Tree on Akoni Pule Highway

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

StreetView Paint OFF just got Better


THANK YOU for helping to make the inaugural month of our Street View Paint OFF a successful one. We have 27 official entries, and over 600 FaceBook Fans (and counting). What a great start to what promises to be a lot more fun in the future.

ALBUMCOVER-Oct Voting is still going on for October entries (until the 5th) so please check them out on FaceBook and vote for your favorites.There is a random drawing for $100 and anyone who votes will be in it. The October entries are being promoted via ads online to gather more votes for everyone. The winner will be announced on November 6th, after the 5 day viewing period.
Our First entry in November

November's location has been chosen (Hawaii - USA) and we already have one entry.  You can see the entries on FaceBook under the CONTEST tab, and I will be posting them as they come in, on the Blog. Prize upgraded to a $250 VISA Card AND a 3 NIGHT stay in  Holly's Kauai Condo  Funny thing about the Hawaii condo is that you can't paint Kauai this month because Google(tm) trucks have not been there.  But you CAN GET THERE FROM HERE.

This condo is owned by a family friend. You may want to bookmark that or become a F/Book friend, because they are going to run their OWN giveaway to promote their condo.  It's FABULOUS. So watch them too ;)

41575_36245452776_1919_qFINALLY In response to a number of "threads" that pointed to VOTING on FACEBOOK becoming problem laden, I worked with a company called Wildfire Promotions to create a contest format that fit our needs. Along the way I discovered that the way I was doing contests "inside" FaceBook actually violates their rules (unless I spend $10,000 in advertising) so I'm glad I found out early.

You will see the new application inside FaceBook (connected to the CONTEST tab on the page) and you will still share with friends for votes and comments, but when you enter and they view, it actually happens OUTSIDE of FaceBook, it's just hard to tell because it LOOKS very similar. The best part is that the application tracks fair voting (one per day per person) and keeps them in one place so I won't have to manually count "Likes" The Application is also linked here under  How To Enter so don't worry, when you are ready to enter you'll find it.

ADDITIONAL RULE CHANGE being made in response to a concern that voting on FaceBook is a "popularity contest" not an art contest.  I have made changes to our process for choosing a winner.  Starting with November and the new Wildfire application, the Public Fans will choose a FINALIST and a Jury of Peers (consisting of me, Kay Zahn and a number of artists, collectors and real people and maybe even the other artists who enter) so that a win in the Street View Paint OFF has more value than the Prize.

I will be introducing you to the Judges over the course of the month.   Share the JOY, Kay

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rocky Coast in Paradise

Tropical Sea Breeze by Kim Frakes
16x20 Oil on Wrapped Canvas

Rocky Coast by Brenda Winters
Official Entry for November

Painting in paradise presents a problem.  Picking a place.

Here's an approved view, use it or start from it if you like. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hawaii in November - Let's GO

We closed the October entries with a total of  27!  Not bad for the first month EVER.  And we ended up with 597 FaceBook Friends and there are many more behind I can tell you.  HOW do I know?

Because I just kicked off some advertising on FaceBook for promote the October entries to thousands of new friends.  It will run though the 5th of November, so our artists can get some exposure for their paintings.  I happen to know that a couple of them have already been sold!   HOW do I know?

Because I bought them!  I can't say I'll do that every month but I have been know to buy OPA (Other People's Art) to put on my walls.  I have my own there too, but somehow I like OPA better than my own. Hence the contest.

HAWAII is November's location.  Any island, city, building, flower, wave, cloud, tree or rock. It's way more colorful than Arizona (even tho I love Arizona :) but we need to paint color and flowers while the winter comes upon us (here in the USA of course)

View Larger Map and get painting! 

Go ahead.  Click on View Larger map and explore Hawaii.  Any island, any city, anywhere Google went.

On another note: I am currently working on a NEW entry system that ties to the VOTING on FaceBook, to make it easier to see how the voting is coming along and choose a winner.  Visit our FaceBook Fan page and check out the CONTEST tab.  I think it's going to work.

And get out there (or IN there) and start painting.  Share the JOY.  Kay

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Minute October Entries

Untitled by Megan Mabrey
14x17 Oil Pastel and Watercolor
Megan's painting (and maybe more) came in on the last day of our contest, but that's OK !!  Because we have a 5 day viewing/period at the end so all the last minute entries have time to collect votes.  I am NOT going to add any Street View links to any more or today's entries (unless they fascinate me ;) to save time and space.  If you are curious, Megan's painting is from the Apache Junction AZ area.

I'll be posting the new location soon, so come back later.  And visit our FaceBook page to vote for your favorites.

Sonoita Highway near Mexico Border

Desert Paradise by Sandra Lee John
ACEO - Acrylic on Canvas
Sandra's painting is a beautiful view from just North of the Mexico border in Sonoita Arizona.  It's beautiful down there.  My friends have a ranch there and we stayed once.  Beautiful but with Border Patrol going by 20 times a day (or night) it's a little unnerving.  They say you get used to it.  I say if anyone drove past my ranch house 20 times a day I'd be annoyed!  

Anyway, Sandra's painting also introduces (to this web site) the ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) something I have thousands of.  These are simply miniature paintings in the exact size of 2.5 x 3.5 (just like a baseball card) that began as "artist calling cards" or small original works of art that can be framed, carried, shared, or booked (I have large binders of them ;) in a collection.  Some day I'll share my ACEO's and it might be fun for the artists who play here, to some day have a Trade In . . but I'm a little busy for that right now.  But it's on a list !  Thanks again Sandra for opening up a great topic and finding a classic Arizona view to share with us.

Route 66 Out of Mohave Arizona

Route 66 Out of Mohave
by Karin Gephart
5x7 Oil
Karin choose a view that is SO close to the boundary that it's hard to tell if she was on the California side of the border of the Arizona side.  I'm letting her in as official submission because frankly I've driven that road and you can't tell the difference when you are on it either.  And besides there's another cool part of the story.  Karin just found our website last night.  She got so excited about joining us at the end of the month so she just jumped right in and started.  One Day.  Painted, Done, Submitted.  I was impressed.  Thank you Karin.