Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Goodbye Hawaii, Hello IOWA

What a busy day the first of the month is turning out to be.  Some quick updates to the contest(s) currently running.

November submission period has ended and we have 30 OFFICIAL entries (that's 3 more than last month whoo hoo!)  Please take some time over the next 5 days to view them and cast your votes.  After the 5th, the finalists (as chosen by public voting) will go to the final round and be judged by a panel of peers.  I don't have time to make that group too big right now, so the judges will be me and the few other artists who have already expressed their willingness to help.  None of these judges have entered the contest ;) so there will be no voting for oneself.

December's location has been announced and can be found under the Current Challenge Tab above.  But as you already know, the new location boundaries are the State of Iowa. Where I spent my childhood and my first 18 holiday seasons. (I've grown accustomed to Arizona holidays, but they are nothing like the Winter in Iowa)

Iowa is beautiful. The birthplace of John Wayne (and me) and don't forget about the Bridges of Madison county.  They are out there folks.  Just waiting for you to discover them and paint.

AND OH YEA, in case you didn't notice December's Prize is $350.  A little "extra" to help motivate you to paint this holiday season.  Could be worth it.

Finally, the Contest entry form will be available in the next day or two.  Figured no one could be ready yet anyway ;)  But given that November's contest is still active as we vote and choose a winner, I didn't want any December entries anywhere to confuse the voters.  Does that make sense?

OK, share the happy.  Have fun.  Kay

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