Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Life to an Old Station

Oh my goodness when I choose Iowa as December's location I did it because it was my "holiday" go to place. I grew up in Iowa, so if I were to look at the holidays from my inner child's view we would be in Iowa. So that's were we went. But I had NO IDEA that the first entries would bring back such memories.

In fact if the choice was from an inner child, this entry from Chris Ousley is speaking to my "inner teen" as back in high school I owned a gas station for a few years. Really, in small town Iowa, back then before the FreeWay went in it was a profitable place. This scene found by Chris could just as well have been the one.

9x12 Acrylic on Canvas Panel by Chris Ousley
Look at the actual Google Street View.  Chris took this aging station, cleaned & shined it like new.

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In fact . . .and I've NEVER done this before but . . . OMG . . . here it IS . . THE Gas Station that I owned back in 1974!!!  My heart is racing. This IS it (below) 30 years later.  Looks sort of abandoned doesn't it? Back in the day it was COOL. "Daisy Duke Shorts" washing windows, checking oil and etc.  HEY it worked.  I worked!

Ummm not for nothing, but if anyone has followed this contest closely, and or checked out any of my other blogs (like www.TheJOYofTheJoyofPainting.com) you might get some sort of idea that painting THIS gas station in some way shape of form might help you sell a painting this month. You'd be RIGHT.  ;)
Like this one called Kay's Station by Carol Schiff.

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