Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Digital Paintbrush and an Artist's Eye

The following painting was submitted by Julien Menet who joined us from Thailand.  I'm amazed everyday at the reach of Google's Street View.  I've grew up not far from Marshalltown, IA.  There's a farm like this every 10 to 15 miles.  Some right off the highway, and some tucked away behind acres of corn or soybean fields, and now from Thailand comes this artist's view.
digital painting by Julien Menet
Here's the StreetView for you to enjoy, or paint from.


Julien Menet said...

Thanks Kay,

Could you please just use the seond version of the pic I've sent you? The resolution is better et everything is clearer. This one is not quite finished yet, just posted the wrong file on Facebook.

Sorry about the confusion.

I've emailed the correct file to you but you can also find it on my blog if needed. ( click my name)

Thanks in advance, dumb mistake to send the wrong file the first time...

Kay Zahn said...

I thought I did . . . .
I'm not sure I can on the OFFICIAL entry form. I can see that data base but I can't edit it.

But I can update the image on my blog and in the photo album on FaceBook. I re-copied the version from your blog and I'll upload it again to those tho locations.

Julien Menet said...

Maybe you can just delete the entry on the official database and I can reupload it later?
If it is too much trouble do not worry I'll just post a comment asking kindly to refer to the wall/blog version.

Thanks for handling the issue
And sorry for the extra work!


Kay Zahn said...

Yes, If I delete it, you can upload it again. Do you want me to do that? I won't need the google links and other info, unless you want to paste that in again too. I'll leave the blog post the way it is . . I have the correct image on this now, yes?

and no problem. I'm usually somehow attached to my computer ;)

Julien Menet said...

Yes please do that, I prefer to have the final version everywhere. Doesn't matter if I lose a few public votes.
I felt bad enough submitting the wrong one with all the unfinished elements ( that one can miss with a quick glance but not after looking hard ;-) )

The blog image is now the correct one, thanks for your quick handling of the situation.

I'll re-submit the pic on Facebook after work, should be early morning for you ;-)