Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Minute October Entries

Untitled by Megan Mabrey
14x17 Oil Pastel and Watercolor
Megan's painting (and maybe more) came in on the last day of our contest, but that's OK !!  Because we have a 5 day viewing/period at the end so all the last minute entries have time to collect votes.  I am NOT going to add any Street View links to any more or today's entries (unless they fascinate me ;) to save time and space.  If you are curious, Megan's painting is from the Apache Junction AZ area.

I'll be posting the new location soon, so come back later.  And visit our FaceBook page to vote for your favorites.

Sonoita Highway near Mexico Border

Desert Paradise by Sandra Lee John
ACEO - Acrylic on Canvas
Sandra's painting is a beautiful view from just North of the Mexico border in Sonoita Arizona.  It's beautiful down there.  My friends have a ranch there and we stayed once.  Beautiful but with Border Patrol going by 20 times a day (or night) it's a little unnerving.  They say you get used to it.  I say if anyone drove past my ranch house 20 times a day I'd be annoyed!  

Anyway, Sandra's painting also introduces (to this web site) the ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) something I have thousands of.  These are simply miniature paintings in the exact size of 2.5 x 3.5 (just like a baseball card) that began as "artist calling cards" or small original works of art that can be framed, carried, shared, or booked (I have large binders of them ;) in a collection.  Some day I'll share my ACEO's and it might be fun for the artists who play here, to some day have a Trade In . . but I'm a little busy for that right now.  But it's on a list !  Thanks again Sandra for opening up a great topic and finding a classic Arizona view to share with us.

Route 66 Out of Mohave Arizona

Route 66 Out of Mohave
by Karin Gephart
5x7 Oil
Karin choose a view that is SO close to the boundary that it's hard to tell if she was on the California side of the border of the Arizona side.  I'm letting her in as official submission because frankly I've driven that road and you can't tell the difference when you are on it either.  And besides there's another cool part of the story.  Karin just found our website last night.  She got so excited about joining us at the end of the month so she just jumped right in and started.  One Day.  Painted, Done, Submitted.  I was impressed.  Thank you Karin.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Haulin' Down the Blue Star Highway

Haulin' Down the Blue Star Highway
by Kim Steele
8x10 Acrylic
Kim took a different view for a STREET VIEW by including the traffic Haulin' down the Highway.  Thanks Kim.  Great take on an interesting subject that is forever (until the next time Google travels that highway) frozen in its time.  

Here's her Google View.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hwy 89A Fredonia AZ

Bare Branches by Holly Wist
7.5 x 10, Acrylic
Holly Wist found a view that has more than one unique aspect. First of all the Bare Branches that her painting is named for.  Very appropriate as we approach Halloween 2010, which happens to be the last day for our October Paint OFF.  Don't worry a new one starts November 1st.  But she also found something that will never be seen in Arizona again.

Of course I'm talking about the clouds in this image, and the view she found.  Very unique and they provide such symmetry to the painting. Thanks so much for capturing these for us Holly.  They are awesome.

View Larger Map

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Rock Country - Sedona AZ

Red Rock Country
by Laeli Bowden
11x14 Acrylic on Canvas
Laeli Bowden choose a view from the Sedona Arizona area.  What we call Red Rock Country. . . Oh, so did she ;) I guess it's obvious.  There's some higher power around the area, or so I'm told. Personally I think it was Google!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Over the Ridge in the Marble Canyon

Over the Ridge
by Michelle Haddock
8x10 Acrylic
Michelle painted a view found in the Marble Canyon (at first I thought it was the Salt River Canyon, but I had the link wrong, thanks Michelle) The real link to the Google(tm) Street View is below.

FIVE DAY VOTING PERIOD means there's still time to enter.

Only 17 entries so far for our inaugural month of the Street View Paint Off.  Don't get me wrong.  For the first month in action that's a great number.  I'm thrilled with the entries and the judges and the followers that have shown up in just a few days.  
With that small number of entries means is great odds for all.  HOWEVER we have 6 more days to get your entry in for October and there will be plenty of time to gather votes.  To see the entire album of entries so far visit our FaceBook Fan page.
I forgot to mention a small fact regarding the judging time.  There will be a 5 day VOTING period (this month from Nov 1-5th) so you can still enter on the last day of the month and have time for judges to see your entry.  
As of October 25th (just 25 days) we have 401 FAN FRIENDLY JUDGES. Can we get to 500+ before the end of the month???  My husband (see . . I'm not that little yellow GUY - I am Kay Zahn) has a thing about the number 5 . . .   Maybe I'll have a thing about it when we get to 500 !!
Share the JOY. Become a FaceBook Fan of Street View Paint OFF and help us judge our monthly entries.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Arizona Route 66 You Are Here

You Are Here
by Maria Milazzo
5x7 Oil on Canvas Board
Maria Milazzo finds an image from days gone by, that tells you not much has changed on Route 66 since what looks like the 60's.  Great view Maria!  Here's the Google(tm) Street View she choose.

View Larger Map

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lost on Lost Dutchman Blvd.

OK Well here's what happened  . . . . 
Leah Hinkle submitted her version of our desert landscape entitled "Apache Junction Arizona" and here it is
Apache Junction Arizona
by Leah Hinkle
9x12 Watercolor
Her Google link was in Apache Junction, but when I went to it, I got a little sidetracked by going down Lost Dutchman Blvd.  It's the road to the Superstition Mountains, where they say there IS a Lost Dutchman mine.  Anyway (since her's was the first submission using my new form) I didn't realize that I had lost the link when I finished posting from it, and by that time my window was LOST on Lost Dutchman Blvd.

I fixed the program so I won't loose a link anymore ;) and just for fun, I put the Google Street View of Lost Dutchman Blvd. link at the bottom here. It's pretty cool, so feel free to look around and use one of the views for YOUR SUBMISSION.

Leah's painting will be on the Facebook page as well.  If you want Leah to win the prize, visit FaceBook and become a FAN of StreetViewPaintOFF, then LIKE her painting.  Simple.  AND there is a random drawing for a Judges Prize, so participation could be lucrative.

View Larger Map

AND because Leah submitted her entry on the VERY COOL DATE of Ten Twenty, Twenty Ten I sent her a $25 ASW gift certificate.  Because, I can.  Share the JOY.  Kay

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ariba Mexican Grill is What's for Lunch

What's for Lunch?
by Karyl David
8.5 x 11 Ink & Pencil

Remember our FIRST FACEBOOK FRIEND, who won a $25 gift certificate and felt guilty enough to break out her pencils and inks and paint us this view of the Ariba Mexican Grill that I threw at her ;)  I just love it when people play along.  Thank so much Karyl.  I can see the advertising influence from your former career.  At least there was no math involved here ;) 

I posted the original link to the Ariba Mexican Grill on this post.  If you want to vote for Karyl's painting Join us on FaceBook

Speedway Blvd.Tucson AZ

Tucson Bungalow
by Layne Cook
6x6 Oil on Gessoboard
Layne Cook from "almost Seattle" in Washington picked a home for sale in Tucson AZ on Speedway Blvd.  Anyone need a little Tucson Bungalow?  If you want to see the Google(tm) Street View, check it out.  Don't forget to click on View Larger Map for the best of views. If you want to vote for Layne's painting or any others you see here, Please Find us on FaceBook.

Thank you Layne for Sharing the Joy.  Kay

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oatman Topock Highway - Arizona

Oatman AZ
by David Larson Evans
8x10 Oil on Hardboard
A Florida artist has captured a classic Arizona feel when he found this view in Oatman Arizona.  Looks like that is near Fort Mohave.  We're talkin' old west here. The Google Street View is linked here.  I love the addition of the burros.  They fit in much better than the cars ;)

If you think David should win the prize for October visit us on FaceBook and LIKE his painting.  I LOVE it.  Is there a I LOVE IT button?

Thank you David for sharing the Joy.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Apache Trail Sedona Arizona

Jan Happle submitted our final Sedona Red Rock view at the last minute.  Here is her version of this view.
Sedona Side Road
by Jan Happle
9x12 Watercolor

Peggy Morvant choose the Apache Trail view for her submission, along with these others.  I LOVE to look at the same view through different eyes.  Thanks to ALL OF YOU, and don't forget to become a FaceBook Fan to VOTE for your favorite.

Apache Trail Sedona by Peggy Morvant
14X10 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Cliffs by Deborah Pearson
9x12 Watercolor on paper

Deborah's view is a little different but close enough to list with these others on Apache Trail.  I've had almost a post a day ;) and I didn't want to add a new one for a different angle of the cliffs.  Check out ALL of the Arizona paintings on FaceBook visit before Nov 5, 2010 and help Vote for a winner.

Apache Trail Sedona Arizona
by Karen Spurrell
9x12 Pastel
Karen, from way up across the border in Canada, painted that beautiful pastel of Apache Trail in Sedona.  Visit us on FaceBook to help vote for our winners.

Apache Trail
by Gerry Sargent
8x10 Oil on Canvas board
Remember Gerry Sargent who submitted the beautiful painting of Patagonia State Park in Arizona but it was of a photograph (darn blue dots) and we couldn't accept it.  But did that stop her?  NO it did not!  Thank you Gerry for resubmitting a great painting of the Apache Trail View.  If you want to help vote for our winner, Join us on FaceBook.

Apache Trail
by Carolyn Finell
8x10 Oil on Canvas

Carolyn Finell from Louisiana found a classic Red Rock view in Sedona.  Here's the Google link if you want to go looking around.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sedona AZ Classic Red Rocks

Miriam Carnell has found a classic view of Sedona Red Rocks, from South Carolina no less!  Thanks so much Miriam.  Here's her official entry
Beyond the Road
by Miriam Carnell
11x14 Oil on Canvas Board
Here's the Google View she found

Remeber to click View Larger Map for best view and to move around.  

Share the JOY,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

US Hwy 60 The Superstitious Highway

A Superstitious Highway
by Jeri Risin
8.5x11 - Watercolor Pencils

Jeri Risin found a view on US Highway 60 which we call the Superstition around these parts ;)  Here's a Street View link to see where she was.

Click View Larger Map to go to Google Street View and look around.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Beware of Little Blue Dots

Arizona by Susan Wakeling
16x20 Acrylics
Susan choose another beautiful spot to paint but unfortunately she went with a PHOTO from the Google map and not the Street View.  This place is in Sedona called the Slide Rock Area.  I have been there many times and I'm glad that Susan got a personal look at it.  I'm sorry it isn't eligible for the contest, but I hope Susan joins us in November.

AzState Park
by Gerry Sargent
8x10 Oil on Canvas
Gerry Sargent of WI went out and "discovered" a couple of things this Columbus Day Holiday.  First of all a place called Patagonia Lake State Park.  I have to say I didn't know the place existed and I've lived in Arizona for nearly 30 years. The second discovery is not a happy one for Gerry because the entry is NOT VALID. But there are still plenty of opportunities to enter the contest. 

Gerry's view isn't from Google Street View.  It WAS FOUND via a Google Map but it was one of those little blue dots that opens to a photograph of something in that area, NOT a Street View of the area.  Looks like the closest the Google Truck came to the lake was a mile or two.  The photos are submitted by other users and there is no implied right to use them.  I doubt if many of the image takers would deny any of us the right to paint them, it's just whether or not you can/should "sell" the work at some time.  It's too bad because it's a  lovely painting.  So lovely that I wanted to share it AND the lesson.

Gerry and any others who make this mistake will have another chance to submit an entry this month as well as well as be in drawing for a random prize just for making the submission. So all is not lost, and anytime beautiful art is created can never be a waste of time.

Thanks Gerry, and everyone else reading and painting along. Here's a Street View link to give you a place to start looking again.

View Larger Map

Share the Joy,

Az Salt River Canyon

The Canyon
by Len Windel
Mixed-acrylic and oil - 16x20
Len Windel from Oklahoma visited the Salt River Canyon recently (via Street View of course - here's the link) and submitted this fabulous painting.  I'd swear he really had seen it, because the colors are even more beautiful than the day the Google truck passed by.

As a PRIZE for submitting his entry on the "cool" date of 10/10/10 I'm sending him a $10 gift certificate to Art Supply Warehouse.  And today . . . well Happy 10/11/10 everyone.  It's a holiday today.  Columbus Day.  So go out and discover something to paint.

Share the Joy,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Az Highway 60 Railroad Ave

Railroad Ave view by Sandra Corey
a digital painting
Here's a DIGITAL version of the Railroad Avenue view.  Sandra used her computer as a tool for this painting.  I watched it come together on her blog.  Thanks so much to Sandra for sharing her painting and her style with our contest.   A slight contrast to the "brick and mortar" or should I say "canvas and brushes" that produced Tim's painting below.

Railroad Ave
by: Tim Webster
5x7 Oil on Canvas
We have our FIRST ever entry in our SVPO from Tim Webster. He used a  view on Arizona Highway 60 which can be seen here on this Google Map.  I'm so excited I'm going to send Tim a gift card from Jerry's Artarama for being NUMERO UNO.  Thanks so much.

Arizona v Mexico

I noticed an update error on my RULES page.  I had earlier thought I'd limit the boundary to one Arizona Highway, but I (myself) quickly got bored with that.  I love Arizona Highways but Google's Street View trucks, while pretty amazing, just didn't do justice to the real thing.

Slow Down
Pastel on SandPaper 9x12
So I opened it up to the entire state of Arizona.  But I forgot to update the RULES page .  . I did now.  The listed VIEWS on the Right Sidebar are all over Arizona, so hopefully everyone got the point.

I was noticing how all of my Arizona paintings are rocky and subdued (so far;) especially after yesterday when I visited the Blog of the originator of the concept, Bill Guffey's VirtualPaintOut who has chosen a lovely town in Mexico for his paint out this month.  I quickly found a very colorful place to paint.  Below is my submission to his site.

Hotel Posada de las Manjas
Pastel on SandPaper 9x12
This colorful scene on the right is NOT an approved view for the October contest here at (we're painting Arizona and that one is painting Mexico) but it is just an idea of how much FUN this is.  I'm obsessed (not a big surprise to my husband, my children, my mother and my blog followers elsewhere) Which is why I started a Paint OFF of my own.

To join us here at SVPO, just choose a view (listed as posts & found in the Archives on the Right Sidebar) to either paint from, or start moving around Arizona to find your own locations.  I have CASH prizes for our winners who will be chosen by FaceBook Fans, and other prizes along the way.  

Here's a quick request, if you don't mind.  Leave me a little comment on HOW you found this Blogspot.  I've sent out an Email Blast via, and placed ads on FaceBook, Google and YouTube, as well as posted about the contest on my own blogs and websites.  I watch all of the stats to see how many visits we get and all of that good stuff, but I still like to HEAR IT FROM YOU.  Also  let me know if you  are planning to enter the contest.

I'm still waiting for the first official submission (mine don't count) and there may be a prize in it for someone!

Share the Joy, 

Monday, October 4, 2010

AZ-7th St. Phoenix - Chase Field

Click View Larger Map for a much better view.  Feel like trying your hand at this one?  Be the first, or find one of your own and don't forget to send me a link.

AZ 891 -Sedona - Back O Beyond

As always, use the link to VIEW LARGER MAP and you'll see more to paint.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

AZ Highway 87 - Cactus Classics

Official Entry for View Hwy 87 Cactus Classics.  Link to the view can be found below.

Cactus Classics
by almajo
16x20 Oil on Canvas

Below is mine (ie: not an official entry) but I love to paint them
Cactus Classics
Kay Zahn
5x7 Pastel on Sanded "GaterFoam" 
Here's the Google Link

Az Highway 89 A - Marble Canyon

Marble Canyon
by Melissa Boonstra
12 X 16 - Acrylics on canvas paper

Hwy89A Marble Canyon
by: Brad Mulkey
9x12 Oil on Panel
Melissa and Brad sent us their official entries of the Marble Canyon View. THANK YOU :)  Find us on Facebook to vote for this painting.  Here's the Google(tm) Street View link below.

Marble Canyon . . I want to go to there ;)  and I'm going to paint it too !  In the mean time, feel free to use this view for your resource.  I'm going to try later.

AZ -CamelBack Mountain

Here's a view of our famous CamelBack Mountain.  Urban Jungle?  look around for a better view, it's fun.  I'm going to work on this one, but anyone else is welcome to try as well.  Have Fun

AZ Highway 60 Salt River Canyon

Slow Down
Kay Zahn
Pastel on Sanded Paper 9x12
This location is in the SALT RIVER CANYON.  The view of the "notch" I've seen hundreds of times, and never stopped to paint.  Maybe if I can do it from my studio, I'll finally do it.  When you click on View Larger Map, the image is much nicer.  Then minimize the sidebars and the map views and go full screen with the image.  It really is a nice image.    Feel FREE to jog around a bit.  In this canyon there are LOTS of views to choose from.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Challenge Arizona

Welcome to my First Street View Paint OFF! Where we pick a geographic area (like this first challenge which is Arizona) or maybe a city, island, or small country, and using Google Street View in Google Maps (that's the little yellow guy, you can drag and drop him where you'd like to go and if Google has been there, you can be there too) find a location for a painting and share it with others who can choose to use YOUR location, or offer up one of their own.

Each month the posts here on this blog will be of the Valid Views for the month.  If you choose to paint an existing View, your work will be shown on that page along with the reference view.

The rules are posted on the RULES Tab above.  So pick up your pencils, pens, or makers; your brushes and linseed oil, acrylic tubes or pastels and start painting.  There are no rules as to how you paint the view.  That of course is YOUR decision, your art, but to be valid you must stay within the boundaries of the month.

NOW . . .ON TO THE REAL PURPOSE (besides a whole lot of fun and practice) I've been watching some of these art magazines or warehouses have little contests where by the winner gets $25 or $100.  Come on people, even if you are not a starving artist, that's hardly worth the effort.  So I'm going to offer a little more than that.  Especially since my little art challenge isn't that well known (yet) and so you wouldn't be doing it for the exposure . . .Or would you?  How did you get here?  Via advertisement?  I thought so.  I've been known to spend money advertising something just for fun!

Anyway, a prize will be offered that is worthy of your time.  It may be cash, it may be gift cards at places you need to spend money.  The first prize (ie: for October's winner) will be a $250 VISA Gift Card.  The winner will be chosen by FACEBOOK FANS, as we post valid entries here on our blog and on our FaceBook page.

So start working on your entry.  If you are done with it before my blog is ready with some sort of form or submission page, just email them to me at  Then come back to see new submissions and join us on FaceBook to vote for your favorites.

Share the JOY - Kay

Friday, October 1, 2010

AZ Highway 60 Queen Creek Canyon

Hwy 60 Queen Creek Canyon
5x7 Watercolor

View Larger Map
This is a piece of highway I've seen literally hundreds of times and have stopped only once to climb or watch my friends climb (it's a long weird story that happened before I was married 27 years ago, but I digress) but these days I want to stop and paint it. I will some day, for REALS. . .

You can paint this view (click on View Larger Map and go from there) exactly like this or move the view around a bit until you get what you like OR you can use the map and GO somewhere else on Hwy 60 and submit that view with your artwork.    HAVE FUN!

Here's my try at it.  I tried to work for an hour only.  I think I spent a little more than that, but overall not more than a couple.  The light in this canyon isn't the greatest, but I added my own touches.

"Check Your Brakes"
by: Kay Zahn
 9x12 Pastel on SandPaper


    AZ Highway 60 Top of the World

    This is a quick view near a place called Top of the World.  Not much there but a couple of buildings.  You can paint this view (click on View Larger Map and go from there) OR you can use the map and GO somewhere else on Hwy 60 and submit that view with your artwork.

    Here's the painting I did from this view (mine isn't in the contest)

    Drive By Beauty
    by: Kay Zahn
    Pastel on Ampersand Board 10x12
    Your entry here: