Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Challenge Arizona

Welcome to my First Street View Paint OFF! Where we pick a geographic area (like this first challenge which is Arizona) or maybe a city, island, or small country, and using Google Street View in Google Maps (that's the little yellow guy, you can drag and drop him where you'd like to go and if Google has been there, you can be there too) find a location for a painting and share it with others who can choose to use YOUR location, or offer up one of their own.

Each month the posts here on this blog will be of the Valid Views for the month.  If you choose to paint an existing View, your work will be shown on that page along with the reference view.

The rules are posted on the RULES Tab above.  So pick up your pencils, pens, or makers; your brushes and linseed oil, acrylic tubes or pastels and start painting.  There are no rules as to how you paint the view.  That of course is YOUR decision, your art, but to be valid you must stay within the boundaries of the month.

NOW . . .ON TO THE REAL PURPOSE (besides a whole lot of fun and practice) I've been watching some of these art magazines or warehouses have little contests where by the winner gets $25 or $100.  Come on people, even if you are not a starving artist, that's hardly worth the effort.  So I'm going to offer a little more than that.  Especially since my little art challenge isn't that well known (yet) and so you wouldn't be doing it for the exposure . . .Or would you?  How did you get here?  Via advertisement?  I thought so.  I've been known to spend money advertising something just for fun!

Anyway, a prize will be offered that is worthy of your time.  It may be cash, it may be gift cards at places you need to spend money.  The first prize (ie: for October's winner) will be a $250 VISA Gift Card.  The winner will be chosen by FACEBOOK FANS, as we post valid entries here on our blog and on our FaceBook page.

So start working on your entry.  If you are done with it before my blog is ready with some sort of form or submission page, just email them to me at  Then come back to see new submissions and join us on FaceBook to vote for your favorites.

Share the JOY - Kay


Julie said...

how do you get different photos of the area..... can't seem to make it work.....

Kay Zahn said...

Did you see the video on how to use Google Street View? It's on the FAQ page. I might put it somewhere easier to find. But if you haven't seen that, it might help.

Fred Bell said...

Hi Kay, This is a really clever idea. So, the contest won't always be in Arizona? When you go to one of your street view links, how far astray can you go from that location? I understand about Streetview, but can I scroll down the highway? Fred

Kay Zahn said...

Fred Thanks but I didn't come up with the idea. I participate in the VirtualPaintOut from Bill Guffey and so enjoyed it, I decided to put a spin on it (aka: cash prizes ;)

You are correct that the contest won't always be in Arizona. In fact I'm already bored with Arizona and want to go somewhere colorful next (even tho right now it IS colorful in Northern AZ at my cabin ;)

You can stray as far as you can off the highway or the view that was presented. If you get a completely different view (like you went way down the road or turned around to find something GREAT as in the Sedona Red Rocks one that was submitted yesterday) . . . just send me the LINK to the view you found and worked on so I can share it.

Thanks so much for playing along. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.