Friday, October 1, 2010

AZ Highway 60 Top of the World

This is a quick view near a place called Top of the World.  Not much there but a couple of buildings.  You can paint this view (click on View Larger Map and go from there) OR you can use the map and GO somewhere else on Hwy 60 and submit that view with your artwork.

Here's the painting I did from this view (mine isn't in the contest)

Drive By Beauty
by: Kay Zahn
Pastel on Ampersand Board 10x12
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Anonymous said...

Can't you pick some more scenic points. I know that Tucson has a lot of very nice mountian scenes in and around it with no "man made streets" in the way.
Also, the pics are very blurry, does one download them or go to the site to paint???

Kay Zahn said...

If you click on VIEW LARGER MAP you get the better image, and from there you can go anywhere you want. A Tucson view would be GREAT. Your painting must be based on a view found (by you, me or anyone inside the boundary) I did seem to pick a bunch of landscapes, but you can go to the city or any spot you know and see what Google captured. You can paint the entire view or anything out of it. If you have trouble with Google and want to see something in Tucson, I'll help you find it. Just holler ;)

Kay Zahn said...

OH yea, and you don't have to paint the roads or street signs. . . it's YOUR art. The VIEWS are for reference, so feel free to paint what you see, or not paint what you don't want to see, or paint what you don't see, or . . . well you get the point :)