Monday, October 25, 2010

FIVE DAY VOTING PERIOD means there's still time to enter.

Only 17 entries so far for our inaugural month of the Street View Paint Off.  Don't get me wrong.  For the first month in action that's a great number.  I'm thrilled with the entries and the judges and the followers that have shown up in just a few days.  
With that small number of entries means is great odds for all.  HOWEVER we have 6 more days to get your entry in for October and there will be plenty of time to gather votes.  To see the entire album of entries so far visit our FaceBook Fan page.
I forgot to mention a small fact regarding the judging time.  There will be a 5 day VOTING period (this month from Nov 1-5th) so you can still enter on the last day of the month and have time for judges to see your entry.  
As of October 25th (just 25 days) we have 401 FAN FRIENDLY JUDGES. Can we get to 500+ before the end of the month???  My husband (see . . I'm not that little yellow GUY - I am Kay Zahn) has a thing about the number 5 . . .   Maybe I'll have a thing about it when we get to 500 !!
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