Friday, October 1, 2010

AZ Highway 60 Queen Creek Canyon

Hwy 60 Queen Creek Canyon
5x7 Watercolor

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This is a piece of highway I've seen literally hundreds of times and have stopped only once to climb or watch my friends climb (it's a long weird story that happened before I was married 27 years ago, but I digress) but these days I want to stop and paint it. I will some day, for REALS. . .

You can paint this view (click on View Larger Map and go from there) exactly like this or move the view around a bit until you get what you like OR you can use the map and GO somewhere else on Hwy 60 and submit that view with your artwork.    HAVE FUN!

Here's my try at it.  I tried to work for an hour only.  I think I spent a little more than that, but overall not more than a couple.  The light in this canyon isn't the greatest, but I added my own touches.

"Check Your Brakes"
by: Kay Zahn
 9x12 Pastel on SandPaper


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