Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Arizona v Mexico

I noticed an update error on my RULES page.  I had earlier thought I'd limit the boundary to one Arizona Highway, but I (myself) quickly got bored with that.  I love Arizona Highways but Google's Street View trucks, while pretty amazing, just didn't do justice to the real thing.

Slow Down
Pastel on SandPaper 9x12
So I opened it up to the entire state of Arizona.  But I forgot to update the RULES page .  . I did now.  The listed VIEWS on the Right Sidebar are all over Arizona, so hopefully everyone got the point.

I was noticing how all of my Arizona paintings are rocky and subdued (so far;) especially after yesterday when I visited the Blog of the originator of the concept, Bill Guffey's VirtualPaintOut who has chosen a lovely town in Mexico for his paint out this month.  I quickly found a very colorful place to paint.  Below is my submission to his site.

Hotel Posada de las Manjas
Pastel on SandPaper 9x12
This colorful scene on the right is NOT an approved view for the October contest here at (we're painting Arizona and that one is painting Mexico) but it is just an idea of how much FUN this is.  I'm obsessed (not a big surprise to my husband, my children, my mother and my blog followers elsewhere) Which is why I started a Paint OFF of my own.

To join us here at SVPO, just choose a view (listed as posts & found in the Archives on the Right Sidebar) to either paint from, or start moving around Arizona to find your own locations.  I have CASH prizes for our winners who will be chosen by FaceBook Fans, and other prizes along the way.  

Here's a quick request, if you don't mind.  Leave me a little comment on HOW you found this Blogspot.  I've sent out an Email Blast via, and placed ads on FaceBook, Google and YouTube, as well as posted about the contest on my own blogs and websites.  I watch all of the stats to see how many visits we get and all of that good stuff, but I still like to HEAR IT FROM YOU.  Also  let me know if you  are planning to enter the contest.

I'm still waiting for the first official submission (mine don't count) and there may be a prize in it for someone!

Share the Joy, 


Rocky Mountain Fine Art by RL Huff said...

Hi, I found this by an ad on Facebook. Sounds interesting. S o this month is Arizona?

Kay Zahn said...

Yes indeed this month we are painting in Arizona. We already have 2 entries and it's very exciting (to ME anyway ;) Please join in . . .

Sheryl said...

I found you from a link on Facebook. I may just submit something!

Anonymous said...

I found you on Facebook...working on an AZ submission now as we speak...TOO much beauty to choose from-I'm still picking a StreetView to start from! Love this idea! Bravo!

Kay Zahn said...

Thank you Thank you. Makes me happy when people play along ;) There are only 8 official entries as of today, but I've heard from many who are working on theirs. The FaceBook page has them all in one place for voting. Here on the blog they are posted for exposure and to share the views with others who are still trying to choose. Hope you join us :)