Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lost on Lost Dutchman Blvd.

OK Well here's what happened  . . . . 
Leah Hinkle submitted her version of our desert landscape entitled "Apache Junction Arizona" and here it is
Apache Junction Arizona
by Leah Hinkle
9x12 Watercolor
Her Google link was in Apache Junction, but when I went to it, I got a little sidetracked by going down Lost Dutchman Blvd.  It's the road to the Superstition Mountains, where they say there IS a Lost Dutchman mine.  Anyway (since her's was the first submission using my new form) I didn't realize that I had lost the link when I finished posting from it, and by that time my window was LOST on Lost Dutchman Blvd.

I fixed the program so I won't loose a link anymore ;) and just for fun, I put the Google Street View of Lost Dutchman Blvd. link at the bottom here. It's pretty cool, so feel free to look around and use one of the views for YOUR SUBMISSION.

Leah's painting will be on the Facebook page as well.  If you want Leah to win the prize, visit FaceBook and become a FAN of StreetViewPaintOFF, then LIKE her painting.  Simple.  AND there is a random drawing for a Judges Prize, so participation could be lucrative.

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AND because Leah submitted her entry on the VERY COOL DATE of Ten Twenty, Twenty Ten I sent her a $25 ASW gift certificate.  Because, I can.  Share the JOY.  Kay

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