Friday, October 15, 2010

Apache Trail Sedona Arizona

Jan Happle submitted our final Sedona Red Rock view at the last minute.  Here is her version of this view.
Sedona Side Road
by Jan Happle
9x12 Watercolor

Peggy Morvant choose the Apache Trail view for her submission, along with these others.  I LOVE to look at the same view through different eyes.  Thanks to ALL OF YOU, and don't forget to become a FaceBook Fan to VOTE for your favorite.

Apache Trail Sedona by Peggy Morvant
14X10 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Cliffs by Deborah Pearson
9x12 Watercolor on paper

Deborah's view is a little different but close enough to list with these others on Apache Trail.  I've had almost a post a day ;) and I didn't want to add a new one for a different angle of the cliffs.  Check out ALL of the Arizona paintings on FaceBook visit before Nov 5, 2010 and help Vote for a winner.

Apache Trail Sedona Arizona
by Karen Spurrell
9x12 Pastel
Karen, from way up across the border in Canada, painted that beautiful pastel of Apache Trail in Sedona.  Visit us on FaceBook to help vote for our winners.

Apache Trail
by Gerry Sargent
8x10 Oil on Canvas board
Remember Gerry Sargent who submitted the beautiful painting of Patagonia State Park in Arizona but it was of a photograph (darn blue dots) and we couldn't accept it.  But did that stop her?  NO it did not!  Thank you Gerry for resubmitting a great painting of the Apache Trail View.  If you want to help vote for our winner, Join us on FaceBook.

Apache Trail
by Carolyn Finell
8x10 Oil on Canvas

Carolyn Finell from Louisiana found a classic Red Rock view in Sedona.  Here's the Google link if you want to go looking around.