Thursday, November 4, 2010

A few place to start in Hawaii

Kiheil Hwy by Sue Wakeling
Official November  Entry
Someone (Jan ;) asked for a few "jumping off places" recognizing that there aren't too many roads in/on the islands for Google to have gone.  To make it a little harder, there are a lot of photos posted on the maps.  Remember photos are STATIC IMAGES that show up when you drop Pegman on a "little blue dot." What you are looking for is the STREET VIEW Images with the 360 degree rotation, and the little compass in the corner.

Here are a few to look at.  Feel Free to paint these views as they are, or to move on down the road and pick something else.  If you do that however, remember to save yourself a link (in the RIGHT corner of the map there are link options)


A Tree on Akoni Pule Highway

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