Monday, November 1, 2010

Hawaii in November - Let's GO

We closed the October entries with a total of  27!  Not bad for the first month EVER.  And we ended up with 597 FaceBook Friends and there are many more behind I can tell you.  HOW do I know?

Because I just kicked off some advertising on FaceBook for promote the October entries to thousands of new friends.  It will run though the 5th of November, so our artists can get some exposure for their paintings.  I happen to know that a couple of them have already been sold!   HOW do I know?

Because I bought them!  I can't say I'll do that every month but I have been know to buy OPA (Other People's Art) to put on my walls.  I have my own there too, but somehow I like OPA better than my own. Hence the contest.

HAWAII is November's location.  Any island, city, building, flower, wave, cloud, tree or rock. It's way more colorful than Arizona (even tho I love Arizona :) but we need to paint color and flowers while the winter comes upon us (here in the USA of course)

View Larger Map and get painting! 

Go ahead.  Click on View Larger map and explore Hawaii.  Any island, any city, anywhere Google went.

On another note: I am currently working on a NEW entry system that ties to the VOTING on FaceBook, to make it easier to see how the voting is coming along and choose a winner.  Visit our FaceBook Fan page and check out the CONTEST tab.  I think it's going to work.

And get out there (or IN there) and start painting.  Share the JOY.  Kay

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