Saturday, November 20, 2010

So much Art, So little Time

I am so excited to see so many entries coming in through the new interface.  The only thing is of course that let's me put off posting them to the blog (though some may appreciate the internet silence sometimes) and now I'm feeling guilty.  So I just HAVE TO SHOW you these new entries of late.  There are a number of GREAT paintings and links here.  You should look at the Street Views too.  They are SO COOL.  Also if you are one of the ARTISTS this month who has submitted a painting, please send me a link to YOUR webpage so I can link them here.  I forgot to put that in my form (duh).

KoKo Head Park Overlook
by Ginger Gehres
16x12 Acrylic on Canvas
Here's a link Ginger's Street View and while she was painting there, Chris Favre (any relation to . . no I won't do that to you ?) was painting in Watercolor in a peaceful little setting seen here.

Peace in Dreamland by Chris Favre
8.5 x 11 Watercolor
Chris' Street View link will show you her location that day.  It REALLY IS WORTH LOOKING AT.  Chris did a fabulous job.  And speaking of FABULOUS.  David Evans found another unique view of Hawaii and the most incredible tree I've ever seen. . . or Google's truck has ever seen . . .or whatever.  You should look at the Street View from David's painting, and then look his submission this month.  I'm Loving IT !

Giant Baobab by David Evans
11x14 Oil on Linen

And finally (for now) another official entry (SEE THEM ALL HERE) this morning from Leah Hinkle.

82 Farington Highway by Leah Hinkle
8x10 Acrylic on Board

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