Wednesday, November 3, 2010

StreetView Paint OFF just got Better


THANK YOU for helping to make the inaugural month of our Street View Paint OFF a successful one. We have 27 official entries, and over 600 FaceBook Fans (and counting). What a great start to what promises to be a lot more fun in the future.

ALBUMCOVER-Oct Voting is still going on for October entries (until the 5th) so please check them out on FaceBook and vote for your favorites.There is a random drawing for $100 and anyone who votes will be in it. The October entries are being promoted via ads online to gather more votes for everyone. The winner will be announced on November 6th, after the 5 day viewing period.
Our First entry in November

November's location has been chosen (Hawaii - USA) and we already have one entry.  You can see the entries on FaceBook under the CONTEST tab, and I will be posting them as they come in, on the Blog. Prize upgraded to a $250 VISA Card AND a 3 NIGHT stay in  Holly's Kauai Condo  Funny thing about the Hawaii condo is that you can't paint Kauai this month because Google(tm) trucks have not been there.  But you CAN GET THERE FROM HERE.

This condo is owned by a family friend. You may want to bookmark that or become a F/Book friend, because they are going to run their OWN giveaway to promote their condo.  It's FABULOUS. So watch them too ;)

41575_36245452776_1919_qFINALLY In response to a number of "threads" that pointed to VOTING on FACEBOOK becoming problem laden, I worked with a company called Wildfire Promotions to create a contest format that fit our needs. Along the way I discovered that the way I was doing contests "inside" FaceBook actually violates their rules (unless I spend $10,000 in advertising) so I'm glad I found out early.

You will see the new application inside FaceBook (connected to the CONTEST tab on the page) and you will still share with friends for votes and comments, but when you enter and they view, it actually happens OUTSIDE of FaceBook, it's just hard to tell because it LOOKS very similar. The best part is that the application tracks fair voting (one per day per person) and keeps them in one place so I won't have to manually count "Likes" The Application is also linked here under  How To Enter so don't worry, when you are ready to enter you'll find it.

ADDITIONAL RULE CHANGE being made in response to a concern that voting on FaceBook is a "popularity contest" not an art contest.  I have made changes to our process for choosing a winner.  Starting with November and the new Wildfire application, the Public Fans will choose a FINALIST and a Jury of Peers (consisting of me, Kay Zahn and a number of artists, collectors and real people and maybe even the other artists who enter) so that a win in the Street View Paint OFF has more value than the Prize.

I will be introducing you to the Judges over the course of the month.   Share the JOY, Kay

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