Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a Small World TOO

Even though February feels too short for our contest, it has helped prove that it's a small world afterall. I've done some checking and the nearest I can tell, these two artists (from different parts of the country) found the exact same street view in Prague, without it having been posted.  Chris Ousley from Tennessee and David Gambelone from California set their easels up right next to each other and didn't even know!!!

Prague Bridge by Chris Ousley
9x7 Gouache on paper

David Sgambellone (UNOFFICIAL entry)
This is David's 2nd painting in Prague, so it's not IN the contest.

Here's the street view 

1 comment:

C. Ousley said...

I thought I kept bumping into someone at the bridge. Were you the one that knocked over my water? ;-)