Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Two Submissions bring obvious questions?

Let me just put it out there.  The first painting submitted was NOT accepted, but I can reconsider if enough people disagree with me.  However don't be too quick to defend, because the painting that was NOT accepted is posted here at this link. It was entered by Chelsea Coon and titled "We are all Stardust." You can take a look by taking that link.

The painting you SEE Below was accepted into February's Street View Paint OFF of Prague.  

Prague by Nic Squirrell - digital painting

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Yes I know.  Another digital entry! Did I open a flood gate?  Do we even care to discuss?  

My opinion is simply that if it looks, smells, tastes, feels, and acts like art, it must be art.  It's hard to look at the digital image above and then the Street View Image below it, and NOT agree that it's a well done, artistic take on the view (and not a cut/paste job that the word 'digital' conjures up)   

But then why did I NOT accept the first entry linked above?

In my humble opinion (which is the one making the rules) it didn't appear to have been motivated by a Street View.  Even though the artist "said" (by clicking the box) that it was painted in reference to the Sample View I posted.  It came in on nearly the first day of the contest, and I did a little research to see if I could find out how old the image was (but I'm not that good :).  Taking all of that into consideration, I choose to not approve it.

I am willing to reconsider if anyone has a strong difference of opinion, or further information on the artist's behalf.  I suppose I should have simply asked her, but I didn't.  Oh my, now that I type THAT, I'm realizing that I indeed owe her the chance to moderate (or narrate?) her entry.  

Please feel free to comment while I ask Chelsea for hers . .  or better yet . . PAINT THAT VIEW above, if you think there's a better definition of art to behold. Nic (the artist of the above entry) would probably be honored to share the view.  


Dan LaPorte said...

We consider film a form of art. We consider dance a form of art. If someone can use fecal matter to express themselves and we allow that to be considered art why not art generated in the virtual world.

Kay Zahn said...

Indeed Dan, Let me add, I'd prefer to look at virtual fecal matter than the real deal myself.

Kay Zahn said...

Which is NOT to compare anything we've done here to said mediums . . just referring to the conversational example that came up.

C. Ousley said...

I like Nic's digital work. Poster looking. The other one (Coon's) looks like dark grey poo. Some ArtSpeak is in order to explain it to us.

David said...

Like you have said, you are the boss. I agree with the decision on the gray goo painting. Must have been 'laying around' and no one else wanted it so why not enter it here. At the very least, the digital work is related to the theme and spirit of Street View Paint Off. This my first post so I hope I have not transgressed some PC rules.

David Larson Evans said...

It's a streetview for sure the asphalt.

Stevie Denny said...

This blog is described as a "virtual paint-off". While many things may be considered art, maybe the way to decide on whether entries are acceptable is to ask whether the work was painted.