Monday, February 7, 2011

Carol Schiff is January's Street View Winner

Carol Schiff's painting "Three Palms with Sunrise" won over the judges by a good margin and you can see why in this 8x10 Oil on Canvas done with a Palette knife. Carol's street view can be found with post when she entered and here is the winning painting. Congratulations Carol !

Three Palms with Sunrise by Carol Schiff

Our judges this month were:  All of the 23 Artists who submitted a painting and Invited Panel of Artists that included Becky Joy from Phoenix, AZ, Warren Keating from Los Angeles, CA ,and Ginger Gehres  from Angier, N.Carolina.  I highly recommend checking out their art.  Just so happens that one of each of their works adorn my walls. 

Here are some of the comments collected about our winner as well as the other finalists.  I hope you find them helpful.
  •  Three Palms with Sunrise by Carol Schiff,   a perfectly flat realistic painting that works quite well on an abstract level.  I did have a tough time choosing, my second choice would be Carol DeMumbren's piece.
    • My vote will go to Three Palms and Sunrise.  I really like the texture and the bold color. 
    • Cast my vote for Carol Schiff. Great use of color, palette knife and good value balance.
    • Carol Schiff the others are mediocre... mine was less than mediocre
    • I really do like "Three Palms" by Carol Schiff
    • My vote goes to Carol Schiff, I'm partial to palm trees. 
  • Carol DeMumbrum's Clearwater on my Mind. has an obvious focal point & depth with the use of color and detail.
    • ..tough choice.  But, my vote goes to Clearwater on my Mind
  • S Gambolieon's  Rock House at St. Augustine Good use of light and good drawing.
    •  I vote for the St Augustine Rock House. . . beautiful use of colors. A well done watercolor.  My runner-up is the bicycle shop which is equally well done but for me, the color in the Rock House was the deciding factor

The following critique was offered by one artist and it was so thorough that I had to share it in its entirety I removed the reference to MY painting to reserve the artist's identity - unless he/she tells me not to ;)"The following is just my opinion judging from the photos. Taking in consideration the lost of detail via the camera and computer. Personally I welcome all comments . . . good or negative, but (I find the) negative aspects improve (the) work. So my critic will have positive and negative (as in a way to learn) comments." 

NOTE: Interest Holding Power, I.H.P. ratings in percentages.
David Sgambellone
Could have moved the house a little more away from the center of the painting and punched up the color. Seagulls have the right atmospheric perspective, but are hard to see in the photo. IHP 75% 

Bev Koldon
Great colors added a lot to the land/seascape…perspective distracted my attention a little. IHP 40%

Geoff Slater
Good perspective, nice window reflections…could of used a third color as a reflective color under the roof eves.
Unique style. IHP 60%

Miriam Carnell
Very soft…foreground tree and fence adds depth…driveway perspective and ground cover caught my eye. IHP 50%
C. Demundrum
Very nice use of color, brushes and artistic impression. IHP 60%

J. Kurunsky
Colorful and simple looking, but I can see a lot effort... IHP 40%

90 miles to Cuba
Nice brush work, great caricatures. IHP 60%

Carol Schiff
Very artistic, good use of color with palette knife. A great painting overall. IHP 75%

Alma Jo Drain
A lot of artistic license, good reflection… could have omitted railing. IHP 50%


Denise Rose said...

Congrats Carol! You know I am a big fan of your work and this is so exciting! Great job!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Well, this is very exciting and unexpected! Thank to everyone who voted for me... both the popular vote and the judges. A very big thank you to Kay who has organized and funded this contest. Kay, your interest in art and your generosity is inspiring artists everywhere. I hope this contest continues to motivate artists around the wold.