Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FINALLY a New Contest for Summer

Quick Facts:
Kay has been very lazy (well . . more sad than lazy, but that's the nature of my life) I must use what I have to feel better and the Street View Paint Off is one of those tools.  So at a moments notice on a late May day, I decided to just DO IT!!!

The result is a new contest . . . a little different (to accommodate my current nature) so it should be easier for ME :)

Time Frame - 60 days (or June and July)
Boundaries - EARTH (anywhere the Google Truck has been)
Number of entries allowed: 2 p/artist
Number of $250 winners: 2

Entry can be made via email to  Kay Zahn (see the tab for entry) because I'm going to try and NOT use the Wildfire Application, but I still need the information so check the tab for the details required to enter.

Thanks so much to everyone who waited around for me to feel like playing again!!!!  I really do appreciate it.



Anonymous said...

Come on Kay, publish the newest entries. I wanna see them. Thanks!

Kay Zahn said...

Just got the first 2 a few hours ago- and so once I have my coffee and walk the dogs, I will do that !!!

Happy Memorial Day.

Nop Briex said...

Thanks Kay for publishing my 2 entries. The 'Thorn' and 'Somewhere in San Diego' paintings are put on exposition in the local museum here together with dozens of other paint work from my hand, with Street View paintings among them. Enjoy my work at (Quicktime needed):