Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Early Bird

 San Diego, CA- by Nop Briex
1000 x 1000 mm -Oil on Canvas

Link to Street View
Nop Briex, from the Netherlands has been busy being our first entry, and for good measure, he's our second entry too.  Now what is he going to do all Summer?  These paintings are great, but I might suggest that he go looking for the REAL San Diego.  I was just there, and the beaches and boardwalks are very nice! I guess this view does show yet another side of the city. Love the brushwork. 

Here is Nop's second entry.  Once again, I love the brushwork employed in these paintings.

Thorne by Nop Briex
1000 x 1000 mm Oil on Canvas

Link to Street View

I didn't embed the Street Views, as they are from Google in the Netherlands.  You don't have to translate them to see the image, but I couldn't get the embed code to work on my blog.  So do take a look at the Street View links and feel free to travel on from there.  

Find something you like and start painting !!!

Thanks for visiting.  Come back to see the new paintings as they come in.  No voting will be taking place yet. That will likely be towards the end of July.  I'll let you know.



Cally said...

Well done Nop, these are beautiful! Lovely saturation compared to the photos. Nothing like setting the bar high eh?

Nop said...

Thanks Cally. To Kay: of course my San Diego painting doesn't reflect the beautiful city but I just wanted to paint a common desolate industrial area with a nice composition of bridges, train and power poles.

David Sgambellone said...

Great painting of the Freeway. Great contrast. This is SoCal in a nut shell. Freeway after freeway after freeway.

Ginger said...

Great work! I spent my early youth in SoCal... a lot of concrete can be found there.