Sunday, April 3, 2011

Street View Spring Break - I Be Trippin'

I type this in virtual disbelief (what IS that anyway?) that it is April 3rd.  I missed the start of the month (where's the contest) and I let the chance to play an April Fool's joke (of any kind) go by.

How?  Why? you ask.

I wish I had a better answer than the standard, "I am just taking on too much and can't get it all done" sort of thing, but that's really it.  So my friends, I can't provide an exact answer, but here's the rough draft.

I mean I am a maniac most of the time, and I use every available minute to be running my  . . . ? what should I call it?  My business? Business(es)? My life? my world.  However what happens then is that it takes only a small bump in the fabric to cause a ripple that either I can JUMP over . . . .  or TRIP over.

In my best thinking moments, I'd be jumping.  Even if they grew into hurdles, I'd be jumping.  But sometimes I'm not so good.  Sometimes a wave comes in from the WRONG DIRECTION and takes me by surprise, and this time I BE trippin'.

It insidious nature of this ripple makes it clear I've been jumping over this one too long.  SO I Am reevaluating everything.  The Street View Paint Off is NOT going away.  I mean I take on (start, create or whatever) a lot of projects.This one has helped me be "able" to jump the hurdles.  The friends I've come across and the nature of the type of people who can "see" so well has been a huge part of why I got . . .  HERE.

But what I need is a little space.  I'm going to create it by taking the month of April OFF. Then when we start back, It will likely be a bi-monthly contest.  Maybe a longer entry period and even unlimited entries per person.  So you CAN enter  more than one of the beautiful views you find, especially if the period is 60 days! The prize value and depth may be increase to provide more financial incentive to play along.

I value your input and ideas if you'd like to share.  I'm sure you have better ideas than I do right now.  That's another story for another day.  Perhaps a novel (don't we all have one of those in our heads somewhere)?

In the mean time, the MARCH paint off in Rome is waiting to be judged.  2 more day for voting and the field isn't that large this time, so please take a look at the March paintings and vote for your favorite.  OR better yet . . . Buy one of them and bring it home. I always do ;)

Thanks so much for your time and attention.  I need a nap.


squirrell said...

We all need a bit of down time sometimes. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into organising this fun contest, and enjoy your snooze.

almajo said...

sometimes we have to take some "me"time as i call it. so just relax enjoy whatever you want, I have done the same thing havent painted much but need the break.

Anonymous said...


Enjoy your time away, but please do come back. I was just getting to know a little bit about the very kind and accomplished human being who created this wonderful community of painters. I am new to the Paint Off and would like to be a part of it when you return. See you in May, I hope!


Kay Zahn said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I will see you in May for sure. Tomorrow I have to go to Las Vegas. Hoping to hit the Red Rock area, but fear it's too far from the convention center ;) Good thing Google Street View will be on my laptop in my room.

Don't let that fool you into thinking I'm working the whole time. Hubby and I have a great suite and tickets to Lion King, so we'll be having lots of FUN too.

Anonymous said...

The winner for March is.....?

Anonymous said...

Who is the winner....LOL

David said...

Re: the SVPO contest...I gave it some thought and came up with an idea to run by you. What about starting on the first of the month for a 45 day run with a two painting limit.
Then on the 15 th of the following month contest closed. Then 10 days of judges voting, then announcing the winner in the period that remains until the next month starts. So it would be 45 days paint and enter, 10 days judging and 5 days to announce the winner and new location, totaling 60 days. Maybe this is what you had in mind? Also what about a second or even a third place award?