Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Summer Entries are IN

and I'm sorry that they are not here right now, but they ARE on Facebook


please visit and leave comments, there or come back here to do so.

Soon someone will win Cash !


Art by Knight said...

I really love the Taiwan County one with mountains. The colors are so wonderful and peaceful!

Cally said...

Hello all!
In answer to Grace's question: I've put a link up to the Google Street View I chose on my blog ( www.forest-sea.com ) and also a bit of info about the scene. I'd love to see everyone else's Street Views if they'll put the links up somewhere as well!

Cally said...

Hi Kay, the above is a comment for the facebook thread but it just won't accept it. Apologies if you suddenly get multiple copies on your facebook wall!

Anyone alse having this problem? I'd love to find out what I'm doing wrong!