Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Summer Street View Paint Off Winners

After much delay (all my fault) the Street View Paint Off winners are final and it wasn't as easy as it may appear.  The entries were taken via Email, and the public voting was simply the "liking" on Facebook. But in the end the comments from judges and other participants took shape and the winners are ready to be made public.

I am going to post ALL of the entries here (in no particular order) and then tell you the winner at the end of this post ;)
Connect I - by Janet Beckman

Yesterday's Shelter by Ginger Gehres
14 x 11 Acrylic on Canvas

Italian Countryside "  - David Sgambellone
watercolor 12 x 16 on Arches 140# paper

Aunt kates house
oils 16x20 by Alma Jo Drain

oils 16x20 by Alma Jo Drain

Subway NYC
Nancie Johnson 9x12 Acrylic on Canvas Sheet

Tokyo - feels like home
Nancie Johnson 9x12 Acrylic on Canvas Sheet

San Diego, CA- by Nop Briex
1000 x 1000 mm -Oil on Canvas

Thorne by Nop Briex
1000 x 1000 mm Oil on Canvas

Siempre Bella " - David Sgambellone
watercolor 14 x 20 on Arches 140# paper

Taoyuan County, Fusing Township
29x19 cm Watercolor by Cally

Top of the World
9x12 Watercolor on Canvas Grace Gehrke
I know, winning is one thing (a REAL GOOD THING) but the other reason for entering this contest is so your art can be seen and linked to and ultimately SOLD.  I will come back to this post and fill in the links to each of your web sites if you sent them.  If you see every one else's links but not your's, then please feel free to let me know.

And so the winner is . . . . .   
or the Winners ARE . . . . 

Nancie Johnson for Subway NYC
Nop Briex for San Deigo, CA

Congratulations to you both.  I will be contacting you for delivery of your $250 prize.  I'd like to also give a Honorable Mention Prize to DAVID SGAMBALONE (Siempre Bella) for causing a rescussion (that's revisiting the discussion, I made the word up) as it was a tough decision.  . . . and . .  . Hey . . .  I'm thinking that instead of Prizes I should simply BUY the paintings ;) you know . . . then I can Capitalize the Cost rather than try to explain why I should get to "write it off"  Not as beneficial as the write off, but I'd have a LOT to show for it. . . 

Oh my I digress . . . I meant to say, I'm going to give David some cash too ;)

Thanks for playing along this summer.  It's been an interesting one.  Fire and floods in my beloved vacation town of Greer, but the smoke cleared and I bought the Antique Shop in town.  It will close Escrow 9/7/2011 so I can't really start up a new contest right now.  But I will when the dust settles. . . . Smoke, Dust, Floods???   Like I said it's been an interesting summer.  - Kay


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear David got something too. He deserves it. I think his paintings were very realistic.

David Sgambellone said...

Thank you Kay for all your time, effort and generosity. It would be my pleasure to do a painting for you as a gift for your new enterprise.

Anonymous said...

From Ginger... Kay, thank you once again for the ability to play along. It's great to see what creative things are entered in. I'm so excited to learn more about your new venture and look forawrd to the next challenge "down the road." Thank you for the opportunity!

Cally said...

Congratulations to Nancie, Nop and David; and to everyone who participated - there were some amazing pieces. I really enjoyed taking part and choosing my view so thank you Kay! Good luck with your new venture.

Nop Briex said...

Thanks judges and voters for voting on my painting. Kay thanks for the great prize. Today I went to my local Apple re-seller to buy me a brand new Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium drawing tablet from the prize money I received from you. And that promises more future Street View Painting entries from my hand here. I cannot wait for the next challenge...

Thanks all and Kay in special for the great present. said...

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