Thursday, January 6, 2011

December's Finalists ARE Finally here

Here are the FINALISTS in the December Street View Paint OFF where we painted IOWA.  The Grand Prize Winner will be announced tomorrow after the Judges input is compiled.

Melinda Brown - 15 x 8 Watercolor on 140lb paper

Carrnen Beecher - 7x5 Oil on Gessoed Panel

Stephanie Denny 7 x 5 Watercolor on 140lb paper

Carol Schiff - 8x6 Oil on Canvas

Julien Menet - Digital Canvas (4000x 1830 px)

Maria Milazzo - 18x24 Oil on Canvas

David Zimmerman - 10x8 Oil on Canvas

Nicola Dalbenzio - 9x12 Watercolor on 14lb paper

Susan Cacici - 18 x 24 Oil on Canvas

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