Monday, January 10, 2011

Maria Milazzo is December's Street View Paint OFF Winner

Country Road Farmhouse 18 x 24 Oil on Canvas
by Maria Milazzo, 1st Place DECEMBER
Here is the Street View Link that was Maria's reference.

Maria has won the HOLIDAY SIZED prize of a $350 VISA card for her efforts in Iowa over the holidays.  Thanks to everyone who painted, and congratulations to Nicola Dalbenzio who also won a $100 Visa card as the Popular Vote Winner. 

Judges Notes on Maria's painting.
-Her simplistic approach is very refreshing. I love the multiple perspectives and the glowing horzon line of the wheat fields. The home appears quiet yet inviting. I love the Hopperesk style.
-very creative and probably looks great at 18x24.  
- hand's down my favorite. I like her stylistic, imaginative approach.

Here are some comments on the other paintings. 
- Melinda Brown's w/c would be my 2nd choice. The vivid colors and composition work well with the subject.
-David Zimmerman -- . . for his beautiful colors in his landscape, and his treatment of the sky and the clouds.
-Carmen Beecher - did a sweet little painting with good perspective, detail and color.
-Carol Schiff's  - has beautiful brushwork and I like the cool green shadows on the lawn.

Other judges didn't leave comments or asked that I not share comments.  But speaking OF comments, there were MANY (ok well a few, but relative to the size of the contest . . many) comments about the Digital Canvas entry.  Most comments asked "what IS a digital canvas?" To which I answered to the best of my knowledge it is "created with digital paintbrushes in a software program, from a blank page, not a copy of an image"

The digital canvas entry got a conditional vote or two, that in the end worked against the entry because the conditions were that they liked it but if it was created with a computer program, then they couldn't vote for it.

Digital Canvas 4000 x 1800 pixels
by Julian Menet
Here's the Google Street View

I have tried digital painting, it isn't easy.  One must admit that as an example of this sort of work, Julien's is great!  I did approve of the entry prior to the submission.  We had this conversation and it is my belief that while many others do NOT consider it painting, I think it is just a new medium and so I let it into the contest knowing that MY opinion doesn't matter . . . the fans and judges would decide if they liked it or not.

We can discuss this if you like.  Maybe on FaceBook discussion tab.  Perhaps this sort of painting would be more readily accepted if there were a "video" or step by step look at how it is done.  Starting with a blank page and clicking on "paintbrush" to have it "spray" paint where you want it is not the same as starting with a real paintbrush and a canvas, but it isn't cut/paste art either.  

I will continue to invite artists of all mediums into the contest.  If any submission lacks the integrity to win over the artists in this challenge, then so be it. The art world will speak for itself.   Considering all of the miscommunication taking place lately, the heated rhetoric that is beginning to direct peoples actions toward violence . . . I have a feeling that a group of artists from all walks of life can have genuine communication about differences of opinion and none of us will resort to Heated Rhetoric . . . What do you say? 


Julien Menet said...

Congrats to Maria!

No need for heated rhetoric. The answer to "what is art" is very much subjective. Having witnessed too many "digital art vs traditional art" discussion on the net I would prefer to abstain from any new one if possible. Sad affairs usually.

Remember it is just an image :-)



Kay Zahn said...

Julien, I'm just a Newbie to "art discussion" on the net so I wouldn't want to stir up an old pot! But of course just about anything that is discussed on the net has stanch supporters on both sides.

As I said in the post, your digital art is a fine example of the type of work I'd call painting. Just different brushes.

When I paint with Oil I video tape myself, and frankly I prefer the video that I produce of the painting coming to life is my favorite piece of the art. I like it better than the painting when it's done.

Anyway, you are welcome to submit again anytime.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Hey, I'm in Florida ;) Perfect time to get involved.
Discussions about what art is and is not are pointless. Everyone sees things differently.

Kay Zahn said...

Mary - Glad to have you. If you have any questions about the contest or Google Street view . . just holler !

Roberta Laliberte said...

Well Kay, I happen to think that is a load of crap! No matter how the artwork is created it is clearly art. Julien has created a rich and breathtaking painting here and has clearly told her story about the subject. I am tired of the old school"ers" dictating what art is! I tell ya what, go back to grinding your own damn pigments, making your own damn brushes with the fur from a vicious little wild animal's tail and then, then make your traditional oil painting with that! You heard me, oil! I remember not so long ago, (a relatively short period of time compared to centuries of "traditional" artwork creation) when people were all about shunning acrylic paint! E-hem, get with the times and if you can't keep up, get over it!

DON'T ever apologize for being an innovator Julien! I loved your piece!

Kay Zahn said...

Roberta, who are you angry with? What load of crap? I was way more supportive of her use of a digital media than you seem to be about traditional mediums. Our contest is open to everyone. I'm going to leave your comment here only because it will help people understand more about you, but I certainly don't want to see any more such rude attacks on anyone. Nothing was said here that warrants your tone. So please try to think before you write. You aren't making much of a case for anybody's art the way you speak. Just because we are online doesn't mean you can be mean.