Friday, January 14, 2011

The ORIGINAL Paint Out wins a MAM Award

Many people are aware that I did not come up with this idea of using Google(tm) Street View for finding subjects to paint.  If not, I feel compelled to let you know :) Especially now since the ORIGINAL "Virtual Paint Out" was started by Kentucky artist Bill Guffey.  His site has won a Making A Mark award for the original idea.  An idea that I am grateful for.  Congratulations Bill and thanks again for all of the inspiration.  (Bill is a REAL artist.  I just play one on the internet ;)

Like our Street View Paint OFF, the Original Virtual Paint Out site has a challenge location each month and he has a lot of fabulous artists participating.  It's not a contest really, no voting, no prizes, but fabulous art.  They have a Facebook page and he does share the paintings there as well as on the blog.  I wish he'd share the Street View that originated the paintings, but then I know how much work that is.

If you like our contest, I highly suggest you check his out.  His sight is widely read and covered.  If you have a website or blog where you market your art, you could gain some valuable exposure there.

Check out Bill's Paint Out and his original 50 State Series, also done via Google's Street View.  Some great inspiration there.

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karylsquilts said...

Congrats to Bill Guffey. I do watch his page and admire all the painters featured. I hadnt been there in a couple weeks.
~ Always neat stuff on the net !~